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NDDC BRIEFS NEW MINISTER VISITS NDDC. .... Reassures Of Seamless Working Relationship

L-R: NDDC MD, Chief Samuel Ogbuku, Minister of Niger Delta Development, Engr Abubakar Momoh, Perm Secretary of the Ministry, Dr. Shuaib Belgore

"We believe that partnership is the way for us to fast-track the development of the region." Ogbuku.

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) on Thursday, 24 August, held a briefing with the newly appointed Honourable Minister of Niger Delta Development Engr Abubakar Momoh to intimate him on their Operations.

During the meeting, the management team of the NDDC conducted an extensive briefing in order to acquaint the Honourable Minister, Engr. Momoh with its functions and significant undertakings.

A statement issued and signed by Chinenye Obi, Chief Information Officer on behalf of the Head, Press and Public Relations Department, disclosed that the briefing aimed to enhance the Minister's understanding of the NDDC's role in advancing the Niger Delta region and its ongoing initiatives to improve the quality of life for its residents.

Managing Director/CEO of the NDDC, Chief Samuel Ogbuku alongside NDDC's top executives during the briefing, presented an in-depth analysis of the ongoing initiatives, projects, and challenges faced by the organization. 

The discussions, according to the statement, covered a wide range of topics, including infrastructural development, community empowerment programs, environmental sustainability projects, and the promotion of economic growth in the Niger Delta region.

"We believe that partnership is the way for us to fast-track the development of the region." Ogbuku stated.

The NDDC boss reiterated its steadfast commitment to the advancement of the Niger Delta region and its steadfastness in upholding transparency, accountability, and comprehensive development.

"We are trying to bring out innovation that is sustainable for the people of Niger Delta. The organization eagerly anticipates working closely with the newly appointed Honourable Minister.

"We know with your wealth of experience, working with you, you are going to encourage us and we will get better." 

He mentioned that the commission will work with State Governments, stakeholders, and International Organizations.

"We are taking Niger Delta State to the World to collectively achieve the shared vision of a thriving and prosperous Niger Delta community.

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