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ALLEGED EXTORTION: Delta CDHR Demands Refund, Threatens To Drag Police Officer Before PSC, IGP

"The victim's fundamental human rights was totally breached by the Police woman, following his arrest and illegal detention for three days." Comrade Edariese.

The Delta State Branch of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, CDHR has demanded that one Supol Bola serving with the Nigeria Police Force, CPS Awka Division in Anambra State must refund the sum of thirty thousand naira(₦30,000) she allegedly extorted from a victim, Samuel Nwabueze.  

Delta State CDHR Chairman, Comrade (Elder) A.P. Edariese made this call during a press briefing held at Owhase, Udu Local Government Area. 

Edariese disclosed that the victim's fundamental human rights was totally breached by the Police woman, following his arrest and illegal detention for three days.

Comrade (Elder) Edariese also threatened to report the police officer to the Police Service Commission, PSC if she fails to heed to the demand and call of the CDHR. 

According to Comrade Edariese, "She must return it 100% and for her to get herself out of this problem, she must compensate this man for unlawful detention. If not, I will report it to the Police Service Commission, requesting for her dismissal.

The Victim, Mr. Samuel Nwabueze, a scrap dealer is also demanding for the refund of the money allegedly extorted from him by the female police officer in Awka, Anambra State. 

Narrating his ordeal in the hands of the Police, Nwabueze, an indigene of Umule Community, Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State said, his only offence was that he allowed someone to use his mobile phone for business transaction which led to the collection of one million naira from another person. 

Mr. Nwabueze said the police tracked and arrested him at Deco road in Warri, all the way from Awka, Anambra State.

He said one Mr. Eze, a complainant alleged that someone collected the sum of one million naira (₦1,000,000.00) from him. 

The victim also said the Divisional Police Officer, DPO said he will be the one to pay back the money because it was his phone that was used for the transaction.  

When asked if he signed surety for anyone or gave consent to anyone to use his phone, the victim said; "Along the line of the transaction, this man made use of my phone. That was my only offence."

"I suggested to the DPO to mobilise his men that I will use my phone to call this guy (who used my phone to make the call and transaction) that I have battery to sell which I brought from Warri that I am taking it down there to Onitsha. 

"I called the guy to meet me up and collect the battery I brought for sale. Luckily, he came and he was arrested. When he was being arrested, he started dragging with the police officer. I even joined to make sure he was taken to the station. 

"When we got to the station, I asked the Supol, the lady in charge of this very matter to let me go that the man they have arrested the man they were looking for. The lady said No! That I will bring the sum of four hundred thousand naira (₦400,000). 

"So, I asked him to call the complainant of the matter. He said the person who collected money from him is here that he does not have any business with me. 

"Still yet, the Police refused to let me go. Along the line, the woman said I should go and bring one hundred thousand naira (₦100,000) and that I should be calling my people. 

"So, I called my guy who sent the first twenty thousand naira (₦20,000) to her. 

"One evening, the DPO said they should bring the two of us to his office. When we got there, the DPO said this is the man who committed this very crime and that he does not have any business with me. He said they should allow me go. When we left the DPO Office, I was released. This woman refused to handover the money that was sent to her through one Mallam (POS Operator) at the Police Station. 

"What she did when I was finally released, she gave me N3,000 to go with that they have tried for me and all that. When I got to Coka in Asaba, I called her on phone that the money wasn't enough. She sent me another ₦2,000 through one girl, POS Operator. That was how I managed to come back to Warri." 

In a telephone chat with Our Correspondent, the police woman (a Superintendent of police) denied extorting Mr. Nwabueze. "I did not extort him."

She confirmed that the victim was arrested in Warri for allegedly duping a complainant with his mobile phone number. 

The police woman simply identified as Supol Bola said they conspired to dupe the complainant. 

She also confirmed that the victim was the one who raised twenty thousand naira (₦20,000) but that the money was used for mobilisation to Onitsha for the arrest of the man this Mr. Nwabueze claimed used his phone for the business transaction. 

According to Supol Bola, "I even injured in my face with blood at Up-Iweka. I fought for him to be released."

Supol Bola who claimed to be the O/C of the police station that effected the arrest, also confirmed that she gave Nwabueze ₦3,000 as transport fare upon his release to Warri. 

She added that, "I monitored his movement to Asaba. When he said the money with him is finished that I should send him one thousand naira, I sent him ₦2,000.)

The Anambra State Police Command Public Relations Officer, ......could not be reached for comments at the time of this report.

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