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BLACK SATURDAY THREATS BY TINUBU'S RIVERS COORDINATOR, TONY OKOCHA: EZE ALERTS SECURITY AGENTS. .... Says Planned Thanksgiving Service Is To Appreciate God For Delivering Rivers APC From Evil Schemes of Abe-led Goons

“Sen. Abe and his group had also sought an order to nullify the just concluded congresses of the part in Rivers State. Their plot this time, met its waterloo and that is enough reason to return thanks.” Eze.

Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress and erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), Chief Eze Chukwumeka Eze has raised the alarm over plots by some groups of misguided political miscreants under the headship of a former Rivers South-East Representative at the green chamber, Sen. Magnus Abe, to unleash mayhem on members of the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress during the planned Thanksgiving Service scheduled for today at the 60,000 capacity Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium in Port Harcourt.

In a statement made available to media houses in Port Harcourt, Chief Eze said the satanic scheme which has triggered a ray of condemnation from the public has Chief Tony Okocha, a former Chief of Staff to to Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, when he was Governor, as the ring leader.

The sinister plot, according to the party chief was revealed through a text message sent to him by Chief Tony Okachi, where the later described the party’s scheduled event as ‘BLACK SATURDAY’, a laconic terminology depicting evil on a higher scale and sending a serious signal that tragedy may struck if adequate arrangement for security is not provided at the venue of the event. 

The text message he sent to me, reads; "Good morning Eze. Why dem no put you for Publicity committee for the black Saturday event in Ph naa even when most of your colleagues made the list?"

Making emphasis on the essence of the program, the party stalwart said in line with the words of James Allen when he stated that “no duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks”, the event is organized solely to return thanks to God for rescuing the Rivers State Chapter of the APC from the satanic collaboration of Senator Magnus Abe, his devious gang of saboteurs and paymasters who have terrorized thee Rivers APC this past seven years. 

Sen. Abe had during the 2019 elections, connived with the Gov. Wike and the state chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, to frustrate the chances of the APC to field candidates, participate and win the elections. This they did using the instrumentality of the Judiciary.

“Sen. Abe and his group had also sought an order to nullify the just concluded congresses of the part in Rivers State. Their plot this time, met its waterloo and that is enough reason to return thanks” Eze state. 

Furthermore, during the just concluded National Convention of the Party, Abe and his group projected one clownish character, Worgu Boms, a non-member of the APC, to run for the office of the National Vice Chairman, South South zone against the consensus arrangement which favors the former Ag. National Chairman of the Party, Victor Giadom, but again, they failed for that the party is grateful to God. In this misadventure, Abe's candidate woefully scored only three votes against over 1,500 votes secured by the APC Candidate.

Another important factor why the event is organized is that the Party Structure is formally restored to the genuine APC members of the State by recognition of the State Exco of the party led by Chief Emeka Beke.

The fifth reason is that our illustrious son and the leader of the party in South-South, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the erstwhile Governor of Rivers State and incumbent Minister of Transportation, whose performance as a Minster in the administration of President Buhari, is a joy to those of us from Rivers State.

These factors and many more justify the reasons to offer appreciation to God Almighty. 

It is therefore unreasonable for members of Tinubu group in Rivers State headed by Sen. Abe, to plot to frustrate this all-important event for reasons only them and them alone can fathom.

Chief Eze said even the Rivers State Government has threatened both old and new Students in the State not to attend the event. This is the least of other things to the knowledge of the Party that Abe and the opposition political party - PDP are doing to thwart the event.

On the various reactions on why he was not appointed a member of any committee for the program, Eze said, “as much as I am not concerned about the reasons why my name is not in committees referred to by Mr. Okocha, the fact remains that I am a very busy fellow whose vision and mission cannot be distracted by anybody but to describe such a huge event where thousands of people are expected to attend including the National Chairman of APC, Senator Abdullahi Adamu; the Minster of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi; some members of the Federal Executive Council and notable dignitaries as a ‘Black Saturday’ is unfortunate and must be investigated as a matter of urgency by both the  State Police Commissioner, the State Director of the State Security Services, and other security Agencies in the State to avert any plot by Chief Okocha and his group to cause the event to be a Black Saturday as they have plotted.

Judging by the kind of characters Tony Okocha and Abe are now working for and the unaccounted death and injuries to over listed 100 members of the APC in 2015, and the harms and attacks that befell the APC campaign rallies in Rivers State in 2015, such remarks by such people must be a source of worry to any right thinking person because as the saying goes, out of the abundance of the heart, a man speaketh’, Abe and Okocha, may have planned evil against members of the party attending the Thanksgiving Service.

Eze appealed to security agencies to take a close look at the statement and extract the obvious threat embedded in it noting that to term the planned peaceful gathering of party members as a Black Saturday is beyond joke.

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