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Tinubu Moves For Military Invasion In Niger Republic: An Alleged Coup Against A Coup Detat And The Needless Misplacement Of Priorities

NADECO USA has condemned any kind of military intervention by foreign countries in the internal affairs of Niger Republic. 

In a press statement issued by the Publicity Secretary of National Democratic Coalition, (NADECO-USA) Comrade David Adenekan reiterated that NADECO USA will not support the military invasion of another sovereign country in any guise, whatsoever. 

So far, NADECO USA has queried the moves and rational behind the Tinubu administration to invade a sovereign country, Niger Republic. 

NADECO USA, in a twist to the whole shenanigans of military intervention in the affairs of another foreign country queries under what moral justification will Tinubu that is enmeshed in a legitimacy crisis have, to dabble into the internal affairs of Niger Republic that is in a similar crisis of legitimacy? This is because, Tinubu's electoral victory as the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria is still a great acid test at the election tribunal and, not until the final verdict by the court of law, he does no have such moral right to condemn the Military Coup in another country, Niger Republic?  

Of great note, many people including NADECO USA view the emergence of Tinubu as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria like a coup that may not stand the test of time; and of what moral justification will the leader of an allege coup have to condemn the military coup in another country, Niger Republic? NADECO QUERIED!

Is this scenario not laughable?

Suffice it to say, NADECO USA will not sit back to allow Tinubu's Presidency that is obviously tainted with the problem of legitimacy, to drag Nigeria that is struggling to survive an impending economic depression, into a wasteful war in Niger Republic. The billions of naira that may be earmarked to execute this so-called war project, if it is invested to revamp our economy, will save the lives of many who are wallowing and dying in abject poverty? Is this not a shameful show of financial recklessness in a country that is currently deep into financial crisis? NADECO ASKED!

However, NADECO USA in unequivocal terms, condemn the Military Coup Detat in Niger Republic. We also join hands with all lovers of democracy to call for a truce and ask the Military Junta in Niger Republic to immediately, return power to a democratic and legitimate authority. 

Also, we strongly urge ECOWAS to do the needful to resolve the political impasse in Niger Republic without military intervention that may result to the loss of lives of innocent citizens.

Yes, we demand a bloodless resolution to the current political quagmire in Niger Republic. This is the right thing to do in this political scenario." The statement concluded.

We move.....

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