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Jibrin Baba Ndace

"Call Jibrin "Mr Radio" for his uncommon  consumate passion for Radio- related activities, you won't commit factual falasy." Mohammed Abdulkadri

The long trek to stardom by the ever gallant barracks brought up Jibrin Baba Ndace as the newly appointed Director General of the Voice of Nigeria, VON is a lesson in steady and systematic climbing of the ladders of success devoid of desperation for power.

Undoubtedly, Ndace's hardwork, perseverance, patience, and professionalism cumulatively culminated into his well deserved appointment.

Call Jibrin "Mr Radio" for his uncommon  consumate passion for Radio- related activities, you won't commit factual falasy. 

justifiably, the emergence of a firebrand analyst, producer and presenter of a personal Radio programme called "Buffer Zone" as the Chief Executive Officer of the Voice of Nigeria did not get to Nigerians as surprise.

It is therefore not a rocket science nor out of the blues appointment for the former strong Voice on erswhile audience participating NTA Network flagship Programme of "Tuesday Live" where he made his name and fame alongside Madina Zaki and others. 

His appointment no doubt, is a classical testimonial to the popular maxim of "A Round peg in a Round Hole".

Kudos to Mr President for the Choice of an  undisputably Commanding Radio Voice to assume the command of the  Voice of Nigeria. 

Ndace, a megaphonic and microhonic Voice for the Voiceless Nigerians in the Voice of Nigeria is symbolically symptomatic of the dawn of a new era in implementig reformatory directive by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR. 

Infact the symbolism of romantic radiomania fire burning in the new DG VON will be unlocked and unleashed on  rebranding VON to becoming a beautiful bride of choice, nationally and internationally. 

The task before the new DG therefore is to bring back the well spiced sparkling vibrancy, currency tenacity and consistency in the Programme parades of the station to achieve what keen observers described as "New Wine in a New Bottle leadership. 

With Ndace on top of game in his new area of responsibility, the stage is set for professionally profound and purposeful Command Philosophy that will raise the bar administratively and operationally devoid of red-tapism common in public owned enterprises .

The change in the leadership of VON who is a dogged "Game Changer" parading intimidating pedigree will give birth to the acquisition of more State-of-the-Art equipment to boost the morale of the braoadcaters.

Jibrin need to deploy his tested and trusted magic wand to build manpower capacity and capabilities of VON through funding the training and retraining of staff. 

The firmed, focused and  fantastic friendly dispositions for which the new Director General is well known will be a selling point to galvanise improved patronage in raising the bar of the Station's Internally Generated Revenue, IGR. 

The immediacy of assumption of office which duty call to the Nation demands remains an impetus to the DG to hit the grand smoking and firing on all cylinder to deliver on his mandate.

Wishing the former Chief Press Secretary to the former Niger State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello God's speed in his new National assignment in moving mountains to reposition VON. 

Dont forget Mr  DG that all eyes and hopes are expectedly on you to change the narratives in your ever determined strides to bequeathing legacies in the anals of VON, bearing in mind  that to whom much is given much is reciprocally expected.

Definitely, you can not fail nor falter Mr DG as you can't afford let down  Mr President as well as the VON's  overseeing Minister of Information and National Orientation Agency, Mohammed Idris Malagi, Khakaki Nupe , now Khakaki Nigeria.

The Renewed Hope agenda of the present administration is strategic your  appointment to drive its successful implication.

The onus is therefore on you to effectively deploy the instrumentality and functionality of authority of your spheres of influence new Area to soar very high in making right decisions in the right directions. 

VON'S primary statutory mandate  to entertain, inform and educate, should be  re-channeled by the DG to winning the hearts and minds of Nigerians to join  the moving train  to fix the country's unity, peace and prosperity.

God bless Nigeria.

 Mohammad Abdulkadri Writes from Abuja.

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