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"If a proud man makes me keep my distance, the comfort is that; he keeps his at the same time. For pride, leads easily to pompousness, and anyone who thinks he's important is usually just a pompous moron who can't deal with his or her own pathetic insignificance, and the fact that what they do is  often self-centered; the in-consequentials in the long run, over rides their real sense of logic".

The video of the Press Conference, dated Oct 29th 2023, which was/is in public circulation, exposed the NLC Leader, Comrade Joe Ajaero, declaring his intentions of refusing to attend any meetings which will have the presence of H.E Rt Hon Simon Bako Lalong (the current Minister of Labour & Employment), a Federal Cabinet Member, because of his mockery claims which informs that; "the Minister isn't in control of his Ministry, and that the Chief of Staff to the President is", a statement which is cultivated by ill feelings and perceived to be condone by personal sentiments.

First, it's worthy to sensibly say, 'some public comments especially by Public leaders, holding sensitive leadership roles in the country (either public or not), are not edifying or brewed enough for public consumption. 

The NLC President you will recall, made his pompous claims via prominent media outlets with national statues. 

Such ridiculing statements, are not only slanderous, malicious, or precastorous, it depletes to the least damps, the esteemed value and credibility of a person who in public glare has risen through the ranks to an exalted office; such an ill mannered statement, is capable of shredding the valour and reputation of the esteemed individual.

As a popular leader of a renowned Union in Nigeria, who has over the years strolled in different experiences of public service, one would have expected to the least, a more diplomatic public statements from the NLC President, but surprisingly alarming, without an iota of respect, instead, with total disrespect to  The former Governor of Plateau State, and immidiate past Norther Governor's Forum and now a presiding Minister, in much-a-do and sensible Federal Ministry, and whom, by that virtue of office; makes up a part of a larger whole of the Executive cabinet Council member of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, where the President himself Presides is how deep the NLC, through her President chose to gruesomely slander and rubbish not only the Minister of Labour and Employment, but the Federal Executive Council, The Presidency and Nigerians before Nigerians, and more disrespectfully; lies the fact about the shining qualities of the berated Minister before his indigenous people of 'Plateau State'. 

This is not only rude, this is the  peak of disservice to National culture, morality and unity of what Nigeria stands for and in shame to view that this is coming from the Labour Leadership, 

This uncooked and worrisome statements by the NLC President, don't reflect our level of education and exposure in Nigeria. We can always do better as a people and show respect for each other, while everyone pursues their separate interests.

It's on this premise, that we 'Foresight For Societal Growth and Development (FSGD), loudly condemn the backlash of one of Plateaus Honourable sons, who is presently serving his fatherland as a Minister of Labour and Employment of the Federation, by the NLC President. And we hereby call on the NLC President to issue a sober public apology to the Minister of Labour & Employment, and consequently, publicly withdraw his unpolished words aimed at disjointing the value of the Hon Minister.


Foresight For Societal Growth & Development, is a Nongovernmental organization, registered with CAC, & the Federal ministry of Women Affairs, with it's Head office in Jos, Plateau State.

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