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"We express our gratitude to Julius Berger Nigeria Plc for your generous  renovation of our Day Nursery School. Your support has made a profound impact on our mission to provide personalized, high-grade care and learning standards that would enable each child to achieve optimal development to build a solid foundation for success in school."  Temilade Deborah, Head Teacher of IWS Nursery and Primary School, Lagos.

The International Women Society (IWS) Nursery and Primary School, last Thursday in Lagos, honoured Nigeria’s leading engineering construction company, Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, with a ‘Heartfelt Appreciation Award’ for its extraordinary generosity and unwavering support in helping to achieve a revamped and new look for its school.

The Head Teacher of IWS Nursery and Primary School, Temilade Deborah, during the award presentation, expressed her gratitude to Julius Berger for the company’s many efforts in contributing to the academic growth and environmental health of the Nigerian child. 

She lauded the company for all its efforts and commitments towards the wellbeing of the children at IWS School,saying that “we express our gratitude to Julius Berger Nigeria Plc for your generous  renovation of our Day Nursery School. Your support has made a profound impact on our mission to provide personalized, high-grade care and learning standards that would enable each child to achieve optimal development to build a solid foundation for success in school.” 

She further said, “Your commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve is truly inspiring. Also, your contribution has helped to improve the academic ability of the toddlers in our care and has created lasting change and improved their wellbeing and future prospects. It is donors like you who enable us to continue our vital work, and we want you to know that your kindness does not go unnoticed.”

She added, “It is in this same vein and gratitude in our hearts that we present to you this ‘Heartfelt Appreciation Award’ for your remarkable contribution that has paved the way for positive change in the hearts of our children.”

Speaking after she received the Award on behalf of Julius Berger, the Assistant Project Manager, Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Amina Dottie, remarked that, “We feel honoured by IWS Nursery and Primary School for this worthy recognition of Julius Berger. The company has proactively collaborated with and positively touched lives in its host communities along the project corridor, as the company’s standing culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We always aim to achieve our CSR objectives by providing either new or making progressive improvement to existing utilities or amenities among others.”

The Julius Berger CSR Team to the event included Julius Berger Project Manager, Simon Taylor ably supported by Amina Dottie, Rasheedat Anifowoshe and Mobolaji Ogunyemi.

Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC),OlaOlukoyede, says the agenchasuncovered a religious sect laundering money for terrorisFCC uncovers religious body laundering money for terrorists, traces N7bn to another

Olukoyede, ho made the revelation at a one-day dialogue on “Youth, Religion, and the Fight against Corruption.” on Wednesday in Abuja, also said N7 billion fraud proceeds was traced to another religious organization.

He further said the EFCC had found religious organizations, institutions, sects, and bodies culpable of money laundering in the country.

Olukoyede said one of such religious bodies dragged the commission to court to protect its leader after laundered money was traced to its bank account.

The EFCC boss said the religious body got a court injunction restraining the commission from inviting, arresting or prosecuting its leader.

“We will not give up on recovering the stolen funds,” Olukoyede said.

“It is so sad that as I stand before the eminent audience today, our experience in fighting corruption has to do with the religious leaders and even traditional rulers.

“As I stand before you there is a matter we are handling of over 30 billion fleeced from Nigeria, and we were able to trace N7 billion to a particular religious body.

“As we wrote a letter to the leader, the next thing we saw was a restraining order, stopping us from inviting them, stopping us from recovering the money.”

He said that the EFCC had appealed the judgment.

“Of course, we have appealed. Sometimes ago, we investigated the issue of money laundering, somewhere in this country, there is a particular religious sect that launders money for terrorists, these are the problems we are battling with,” Olukoyede added.

He also revealed that since he assumed office about three months ago, the anti-graft commission has secured 747 convictions, but said over 60 percent of the convictions were cybercrime cases.

“To our faith leaders, my appeal is that those who lead our society from churches and mosques should develop messages that glorify industry, hard work, probity, and contentment over riches, irrespective of how it was made.

“We all must stand up and be counted in the efforts to reset the mentality of our youths that the fast lane to affluence is fraud.

“Aside from our commitment to using faith to tackle corruption in various levels of society, we have also developed a remarkable tool which we intend to deploy to prevent corruption in our Ministries, Departments, and Agencies,” he said.

According to him, this tool, a Fraud Risk Assessment Project, is meant to assist government agencies to address systemic vulnerabilities at the personal, institutional, and environmental levels.

“When fully deployed, it will save the nation billions of  Naira in stolen wealth, time, and resources spent in investigating grand corruption cases.

“The project is intended to commence, in  government.

“We believe that with the support of the government and the cooperation of the leadership of the selected agencies, we will be able to drastically close the space for brazen graft in the public sector,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the one-day event was aimed at addressing the challenges of youth involvement in cybercrimes and how religion could be used for their reorientation.

“Youth, Religion and the Fight Against Corruption,” featured the launch of the Interfaith Preaching and Teaching Manual developed by the Interfaith Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee of the Commission to instigate abhorrence for corruption among adherents of Islam and Christianity.

The EFCC’s Fraud Risk Assessment Prevention and Control Project for Ministries, Departments, and Agencies was also inaugurated at the event. (NAN)

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