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Dan Agundi 132/33kV Transmission Substation, Kano Gets Boost As TCN Commissions 100MVA Power Transformer

With its keen determination to improve power transmission and supply to Nigerians, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has officially commissioned a new 100MVA 132/33kV power transformer at its Dan Agundi Transmission Substation in Kano State.

The commissioning, according to the General Manager Public Affairs of TCN, Ndidi Mbah Mrs in a statement on Friday, took place on March 13th, 2024.

"The transformer commissioning significantly boosts the capacity of the Dan Agundi transmission substation by 80MW, providing a vital increase in power supply capability," the statement read

Mbah further disclosed that "the 100MVA Transformer which was procured under the TCN-World Bank power project, was delivered earlier this year to the Substation and was installed by a TCN contractor.

"Previously, the substation operated three units of 60MVA capacity transformers. However, following the unfortunate fire incident that resulted in the damage of one transformer and had partial effects on another, the substation's capacity was reduced to just one 60MVA transformer. TCN has since initiated efforts to repair the partially affected transformer."

"Amidst challenges in gas supply for power generation, leading to low generation output, load allocation to the Dan Agundi Transmission Substation stands at 30MW.

"TCN emphasizes that the remaining 60MVA power transformer in the Dan Agundi Substation can adequately handle the 30MW load allocation to the substation. With the new 100MVA power transformer in service, however, the substation now boasts redundancy, ensuring it can accommodate any additional load with ease.

"TCN is currently transmitting fully, the 30MW allocated to Dan Agundi Substation to the Kano DisCo feeders within the substation. The company extends its gratitude to all electricity customers affected by the incident for their patience and support, confirming that full supply has been restored." The statement concluded.

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