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Allegations Of Bullying: Federal Ministry Of Education Summons Lead British International School.

Yusuf Tanko Sununu
Minister of State, Education

...... Emphasizes government's steadfast stance against any form of harassment or intimidation within educational institutions.

The Federal Ministry of Education has reiterated its steadfastness in its dedication to fostering safe and conducive learning environments for all students across the nation.

This is as a wide spread alarming video circulates the social media, over an alleged bullying incident in Lead British International School.

The Federal Ministry of Education convened an urgent meeting to reiterate its stance against any form of harassment or intimidation within educational institutions.

At the meeting, Dr. Yusuf Tanko Sununu, the Minister of State for Education, emphasized the government's steadfast stance against any form of harassment or intimidation within educational institutions.

Dr Sununu, who expressed deep concern over the circulated video, took decisive action by appointing a seven-member Committee to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the documented incidents.

The Committee's mandate is to investigate the events as depicted in the videos and come up with expanded  investigation to other schools, using Lead British International School as a case study, to address broader social vices.

Additionally, Dr. Sununu underscored the importance of establishing stronger bonds between school authorities and Students to facilitate immediate responses to similar incidents in the future, emphasizing the critical role of communication in resolving such issues.

Assuring the Nigerian populace of the government's commitment to ensuring safety and protecting the rights of all students, Dr. Sununu reiterated the seriousness of the Federal Ministry of Education in addressing and eradicating vices within the education sector.

In her own contribution, the Permanent Secretary Education Mrs. Didi Walson- Jack inquired about the existence of an anonymous suggestion box at the School, where students can lodge their complaints discreetly. 

She further recommended fostering relationships between Teachers and Students, enabling Students to feel comfortable reporting directly to them.

Representatives from Lead British International School, led by Mr. Abraham Ogunkanmbi, Head of School at LBIS Abuja, assured the Ministry that appropriate measures had been taken in response to the incidents, including disciplinary actions in accordance with schools` policies.

This was disclosed in the Press Release made available to the media by Folasade Boriowo, Director (Press & PR), Ministry of Education.


  1. Commendable move by the Minister. It's about time bullying in schools is stopped.

  2. Education and good morals should be imbibed by parents, teachers and guardians.


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