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Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu
President, Commander-In-Chief
Federal Republic of Nigeria

"It is the responsibility of President Tinubu and Governor Sheriff to set up panel of inquiries on the killings in Okuama and not the military authorities." Gbemre.

Okuama kilings are not matters involving military versus military. Okuama kilings are matters involving the military and civilians of Okuama village in Ughelli South LGA of Delta.

Is it the responsibility of the military to investigate or the Nigerian police to investigate and prosecute suspects in court. Can a judge judge self? Can the military investigate itself. Who is the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria? Are the military voted for to rule Nigeria or President Tinubu? 

Tinubu was voted for, to rule Nigeria and not military. Governor Sheriff Oborevwori was voted to govern Delta and not military. There should be rule of Law. The military, police and entire country are governed by Tinubu. 

It is the responsibility of President Tinubu and Governor Sheriff to set up panel of inquiries on the killings in Okuama and not the military authorities.

Tinubu you are in charge of entire Nigeria. Gov Sheriff, you are in charge of Delta state because you were voted for to govern and not the military. No one placed a gun on Sheriff to seek to be elected governor of Delta and no one placed a gun on Tinubu to seek to be elected President and Commander-In-Chief. 

Sheriff should take charge of Delta state including Okuama locals. Tinubu should take charge of Nigeria including Okuama community and its people.

The military should go to barracks and not parading cities, towns, villages and bushes of Nigeria, except the terrorist territories up North.

The military should keep to the roles assigned to them by the Nigerian Constitution. The military shouldn't take roles of the Nigerian police. "Wetin Soja go do for Okuama? Wetin Major D.E. Obi wen be platoon commander of Utorogu Gas Plant in Delta State go do for Okuama?"

Tinubu should address the nation on the roles of the police, military and killings of soldiers in Okuama, the revenge killings of Okuama locals and displacement of Okuama locals. 

I urge Sheriff and Tinubu to set up commission of inquiries on Okuama and not the military. The police is in charge of all civilian matters and not the soldiers. We are told Nigeria is practicing democracy and not military administration. 

Tinubu was sworn in as President of Nigeria and Commander-In-Chief so, it his responsibility to keep Nigeria safe for all including the displaced Okuama locals. Some Okuama locals may have died in the bush since from starvation without access to food and water. 

The extermination of Okuama community by the Nigerian military is unlawful. And to wipe out the community before the pretentious enquiry is even more unlawful.

The military should allow Okuama locals return to their village.The military should release Ewu traditional ruler. Okuama people should be compensated.

The military should call selves to order and keep the peace and stay away from civilian matters. The military should go back to barracks and fight terrorism in Northern Nigeria and not harassing innocent locals of Okuama.

The military involvement in oil and gas protection is not relevant since the military are involved in illegal bunkering. The military are posted to South South to make money from illegal bunkering activities.

"We Mobilize Others To Fight For Individual Causes As If Those Were Our Causes." .... Zik Gbemre
April 5,2024

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