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2023: Why Deltans Are Sheriffied. By Fred Latimore Oghenedvbe Esq

Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori

The political drum best is generating superlative sounds as we navigate into yet another unique era of political activities in our nation and in Delta State. Our home grown democracy is of a truth taking shape, and 2023 general elections is fast approaching.

The power transmission debate is robust and the hustle for who succeeds our indefatigable Platinum Governor cum Promise Keeper, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, gathers momentum in multifaceted open and decoded dimensions. The political pendulum is swinging and very soon Deltans will know the Crown Prince of Government House Asaba. 

We need a governor that will truly and genuinely serve all Deltans as a servant-leader, a friendly governor, a governor with an open heart raised and groomed with Delta local mentality, not a foreign or acculturated mentality. Very important!

Deltans deserves a governor that is truly Pan Delta, not a cross breed. Our MUMU DON DO, is the name of one of the new political pressure groups in Delta State. Their objective, according to the conveners, is to champion advocacy against corruption and looting of Delta State funds as we approach 2023 general elections.

I am not yet a member of OUR MUMU DON DO group but I will be glad to be a member if invited or admitted. Their mission is laudable and deserves the support of all well meaning Deltans. Looking back, what should really be on the lips of all well meaning Deltans as we prepare for another governorship election is "OUR MUMU DON DO." Shout it, Sing it and Echo it, OUR MUMU DON DO.

Here are some of the reasons why Deltans are yearning for a truly Pan Delta breed as governor Okowa's successor from Delta Central;

Reason number one - Okowa's successor must not necessarily be an industrialist like Alhaji Aliko Dangote or any other known industrialist. It is a well known fact that highly successful industrialists don't put out themselves for governorship elections as either aspirants or candidates, because they are already impacting the lives of millions of people positively. At best, they should be part of the king making process through election financing or recommending suitable individuals for elective offices across board.

That is why Chief Femi Odetola, world class industrialist and billionaire was able to ridicule the former House of Representatives Committee Chairman on Petroleum Subsidy, Hon Farouk. Great industrialists are national icons, super citizens at the top of the echelon and board room experts, not in the realm of governorship race. They are pillars of our States and nation. 

It follows that for a successful industrialists to abandon his multi billion Naira business empire to descend into the arena and hustle with ex-this and ex-that for foreseeable vacant job of State Governor, such ambition must be properly investigated. Something is not adding up. It means descending from the enviable height of a mega employer of labour to become an employee. No, something is not right.

You don't have to be a governor to contribute to the development of your state as an industrialist. You are already doing so and all you need do is to establish more viable industries and assist the political process to field the most suitable candidates for elections.

Reason number two; is that Okowa's successor may not necessarily be the highest degree holder in Nigeria or in Delta State. He must not necessarily be the most celebrated financial expert with multifaceted skills to do and undo. NO. 

Deltans are yearning for an Okowa successor who has our Delta local but responsible mentality, able to utilise our financial resources to development the three senatorial districts on equal basis and spread political appointments in line with the principles of equity, good conscience and with high moral standard.

We truly need a governor we can trust and approach, a listening governor with passion for Delta and Deltans, not a governor with foreign or acculturated mentality. You get what I mean? Yeah!

The next governor of Delta State must not necessarily be a multiple Commissioner who have learnt all the financial manipulative skills and very good at cooking the books. Okowa's successor must not necessarily be a smart global banker and funds moving expert, not at all. That's not what Deltans are yearning for. Don't be deceived, Deltans are wiser today than 24 years ago. 21st century Deltans are foresighted, proactive, well informed and politically strategic.

And If there is one thing Deltans hate to hear at this time; is for anybody to say that the next governor has the capacity to move their funds abroad with his knowledge of international banking and experience. No, they will not take that from anybody, not in 2023, which was why I said earlier that our next governor must be a man that is not connected globally to all mega banks.

Another important point is that, it is not necessary for Gov Okowa's successor to be a world renowned financial expert with the ability to network funds from Delta State Treasury in collaboration with foreign partners, family members and few political associates. No, we don't need that kind of brilliant and smart Governor, not now, not in the future. Delta money must be used for Deltans, to development the three senatorial districts; North, Central and South.

Deltans want an Okowa successor who will open his doors to all ethnic nationalities in the state. A governor that will truly be able to build on the monumental achievements of governor Okowa and genuinely appreciate past governors of the state for their inestimable roles in the socioeconomic and infrastructure development of the state.

Deltans are yearning for a governor that will be a political bridge builder like governor Okowa, not a world class financial records manipulator, a man having no international banking contacts so that our money will not develop wings and fly at will. Therefore, the race is not for the swift, nor for the strong but for whom the Lord truly desires.

Reason number three; is that Deltans need a governor that is a devoted Christian with track records of reasonable contributions in the Household of God, well known in a particular church denomination with the spiritual understanding to keep the fire burning in Government House altar after Gov Okowa's tenure in 2023. Not a governor with dual spiritual personality, a truly born again christian and spirit filled.

Deltans does not deserve a governor with TATOOS on some.part of his body, nor a governor that would scrap state sponsorship of Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Israel and Jordan. 

Neither do we deserve a radical governor nor a governor with western mentality, foreign cultured and Oyinbo-life style. Who know what that means, right? Yeah. Deltans are yearning for a governor that will upscale peaceful coexistence among all ethnic nationalities in the state.

Gov Okowa's successor, according to the yearnings of Deltans, should not be a fire for fire governor with high level police connections which can be deployed to imprison any Deltan at the slightest provocation. Deltans deserve a good governor, a hardworking and God fearing governor with holy temperament, transparent, foresighted and a friend and father to all Deltans.

In the light of the above it is safe to assert that Gov Okowa's successor is here in our midst, he is in the 2023 governorship radar. The pendulum will soon point at his direction as governor Okowa hears from God on who shall be his divine successor in 2023.

And as the electioneering activities gathers momentum, Deltans have noticed in recent months that among the governorship aspirants, media attacks has frequently been targeted at the Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly, Rt Hon (Chief) Sheriff Oborevwori, who was recently endorsed by all members of the State House of Assembly, Delta Central People in Diasporas, Staff of the State House of Assembly and Coalition of all Political Parties in Delta State, among others.

The question is; why the direct and indirect media attacks by faceless individuals on the Rt Hon Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly and most influential front line governorship aspirant? 

And why the consistent name calling by agents of unpopular, radical and jittery governorship aspirants, pointing unsubstantiated and false accusing fingers at Mr Speaker in the governorship race? The reason is obvious and I will tell you in the next two paragraphs below.

This is it. Moral and credibility checks conducted by some political astrologers and analysts published in various media platforms revealed that the reason for the consistent peddling of falsehood and empty vituperations by Oborevwori's detractors is that they are convinced beyond reasonable doubts that majority of well meaning Deltans are already SHERIFFIED! 

This is their only and major source of worry, which was why they commenced fabrication of lies, criminal allegations and all manners of character assassination against Mr Speaker, but they have failed woefully because Deltans are already SHERIFFIED.

By being SHERIFFIED; it is meant a swift process of political mental transformation cum individual or group positive political conscientiousness, massive electioneering support and individual willful mobilization efforts, pointing to show that Deltans are earnestly asking for RT HON SHERIFF OBOREVWORI, JP, as the preferred Governorship Hopeful in 2023.


Stronger Delta, Let's Build Together!

About the writer: Olorogun Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq, JP, is a political communication strategist, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information and Strategy Management, FCIISM, and Chairman, Coalition for Media Politics and Governance, CMPG.

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