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2023: Oborevwori Vs Alleged Prophetic Deal: Another Failed Propaganda By Detractors. By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq #sheriffied

Rt. Hon. Sheriffied Oborevwori

"Oborevwori that I know for over 42 years at a close range has never been and will never be a desperate man." Oghenesivbe Esq.

"He is a contented individual who will never approach a prophet or a man of God to indulge in fake prophecy."

The Chief Blackmailer and paid propagandist is at it again, cooking and serving tantalizing lies and fanning the ember of political warfare and disunity in Delta State.

He is very good at it and with his small head resting on a tiny neck, all he does 24 hours nonstop is to craft demonic lies and heap insults and abuses on whoever refuses to pay him, to protect his or her image and integrity. He can say anything and he can write anything unimaginable, an evil genius.

There he goes again, linking the foreseeable incoming governor of Delta State, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori to a nonexistent deal with a prophet in Ika nation, who according to him, was paid some millions of United Stated dollars to cajole His Excellency, the Governor of Delta, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, to accept Oborevwori as his divine successor in 2023.

He went further to claim that apart from paying a huge consultancy fee in the region of $2 million or so, Oborevwori allegedly promise to further pay a monthly extended bonus fee of N500 million monthly throughout his tenure of 8 years, if elected governor in 2023. This is certainly the peak of blackmail and paid propaganda, very shameful indeed.

The Chief National Blackmailer for money did not stop there. He said the Ika based powerful prophet was being used to launder money from the state treasury by government officials and close aides to governor Okowa. He said all manner of things which no sane mind will take seriously. I wonder how he sleeps at night and wake up happy. 

It must be clearly stated that governor Okowa did not say anything close to hearing from a prophet of God, in all his statements and comments about who his successor will be. The governor had maintained consistently that the will of God shall prevail, and repeated same last Sunday in Sapele during a Church Service.

Oborevwori that I know for over 42 years at a close range has never been and will never be a desperate man. He is a contented individual who will never approach a prophet or a man of God to indulge in fake prophecy. 

I dare to say that if any prophet  approaches Oborevwori for such satanic deal, he would disgrace him or her openly without delay. He is honest and forthright to a fault and will never involve himself in any unholy alliance with a prophet or anybody for that matter.

The writer of that article trending on social media wrote from the figment of his own imagination and that piece of shit should be disregarded by Deltans. It is a crazy stuff from the pit of hell, from a deviant fellow who over the years proved to be a pen scam and unscrupulous writer. 

He writes for self centered and desperate Oligarchs on the other side of the divide. His job is simply to tell lies and make it look like the truth, and turn the table of progress upside down for a fee.

The sponsors of that satanic propaganda against Oborevwori, the incumbent Governor of Delta State and the Prophet should repent and give their life to Christ. We know the writer's spiritual status, he does not believe in the existence of God, he believe in the power of his fraudulent pen and the figment of his own imagination. That's all, 24/7.

Through that same Pen of Evil, he blackmailed the rich to obtain fat sums of money, built houses and living like a drug baron. We know him, don't believe his divisive articles and sponsored Propagandas. He is a very brilliant fellow but decided to use his God given talent and professional expertise to blackmail, to tell horrible lies so as to earn a living.

Governor Okowa is known to have cordial relationships with all Church leaders across board, without discrimination whatsoever. He extended goodwill and reasonable care and comfort to all of them according to biblical injunctions and still counting.

Last year, the state government sponsored the highest number of pilgrims to the Holy Land of Jordan as confirmed by the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN. Okowa and the state will always partner with the Church of God, and Oborevwori will continue from where he stops in 2023.

A leader who does not care for the needy and servants of God, may not and cannot be referred to as a good Christian. Okowa is a precious vessel in God's hand.

The governor's partnership with the Church of God (Interdenominational) is well known to the good people of Delta State. Okowa will not compensate one man of God higher and treat the others lower, NO. The writer was grossly mischievous in his evil attacks on him and others mentioned on his infamous article.

It is wrong for the paid writer and blackmailer to suggest that Okowa paid a particular Prophet for his services with state funds. It is a fat lie and the public should ignore the blackmailer cum paid propagandist. Blackmail for money has been his stock in trade and will always be.

Rt. Hon Sheriff Oborevwori is truly blessed and no evil pen can pull him down. He is coasting to victory both at the primaries and governorship election, by the special grace of God. In God we trust. Delta is SHERIFFIED and the beats goes on till swearing in on May 29, 2023. 

Oborevwori is a Pan Delta project in this political dispensation and no amount of paid propaganda and character assassination will stop the moving train. He's heading for the gubernatorial primaries and he shall come victorious landslide, to the utmost dismay of the paid propagandist, blackmailer and his associates.

The M.O.R.E agenda; Meaningful Development, Opportunity for all Deltans, Realistic Reforms and Enhanced Peace and Security will surely advance Delta in all aspects of socioeconomic and infrastructure development. 

Oborevwori is the peoples' choice, a Unifier who over the years demonstrated that he has the capacity to do M.O.R.E and no mere mortal can undo his divine mission. It is settled.

Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, the Ukodo of Okpe Kingdom is a man of the people with a strong positive aura that cannot be talked down by sarcastic and demented individuals who earn their daily bread through hawking of evil and black Propaganda.

The paid propagandist and his clients are strongly advised to concentrate on how to sell their unsellable and unpopular aspirants. Politics is a game of numbers, of the majority, and majority of Deltans have endorsed Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori as their sole governorship candidate. To God be the glory.

The mammoth crowd that welcomed him during the just concluded leaders and delegates consultation across the state clearly revealed that Sheriff Oborevwori is a man of the people, the incoming governor of Delta state, come 2023.

Sheriff is the real DEAL.

Look no further, be SHERIFFIED.

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