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2023: Delta North, South, Central Leaders Reaffirms Adoption Of Oborevwori At Okpe Consultation Grand Finale.

...Prof Oyovbaire, Okwuofu, Biakpara, Oguma, Oritshejafor, Augoye, Mrs Amioku, Loyibo, Askia, Ejele, Eboigbe, Ada Anioma, Emeyese, Oboro, Others In Attendance.

By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq

It is getting clearer by the day that the leading governorship aspirant in the race to Osadebey House Asaba, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori is coasting to victory effortlessly as political leaders in Delta North, South and Central Senatorial Districts reaffirmed that Mr. Speaker is their sole governorship candidate via block votes, come 21st May, 2022.

The Okpe leaders and delegates consultation grand finale was like a political carnival. It attracted local government chairmen, delegates, leaders and party faithfuls from 25 local government areas including dignitaries from all walks of life. 

A political leader of Ijaw Nation, Chief P.Y Biakpara, said power shift to Delta Central was no longer in dispute and that after series of meetings held in Ijaw nation and among leaders of Delta South Senatorial  District, it was unanimously decided that Rt Hon Oborevwori is the most ideal, competent and loyal party man to succeed incumbent governor, Senator Dr.Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa in 2023.

He said governorship aspirants of Ijaw extraction have the constitutional rights and qualified to aspire for the number one position in the state, but that in line with power rotation agreement it was the turn of Delta Central; which invariably informed the decision of leaders in Delta South including majority of party men and women in Ijaw nation to adopt Oborevwori as sole governorship candidate.

In the same vein, the mother of government, Chief Patience Nkem Okwuofu who spoke on behalf of leaders of Delta North, disclosed that the entire Senatorial District delegates shall vote enmass for her son, Rt Hon Oborevwori. 

She said Delta North Senatorial District was first to be fully Sheriffied and that Deltans should ignore rumours making the round that Oborevwori will be replaced any time soon.

"I am here to tell you that my dear son, Oborevwori will not be substituted and don't believe any rumour monger because his victory at both gubernatorial primaries and election has been sealed, signed and delivered. We are here today to celebrate the grace of God upon the life of our incoming governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori.

"Some fake news peddlers said governorship forms were purchased and kept for an unnamed individual by those who are scheming to be governor in 2023. Discard fake news because standing here before us is the incoming governor of Delta state (pointing at Oborevwori)," Okwuofu assured.

Okwuofu practically sang and danced to some Urhobo gospel music to express her appreciation to God, for the rain of endorsements garnered for Oborevwori throughout the three senatorial districts, and for a rancour free consultation tour of the state.

Prof Sam Oyovbaire, who is a foremost leader of Delta Central Senatorial District said Rt Hon Oborevwori is the man of the moment and the most preferred governorship candidate as can be seen from the huge support and numerous endorsements which trailed his consultation tour of the state.

"My son, Oborevwori is our own, our governorship project and our Governor in 2023, by the grace of God. Bashorun Askia Ogie, Evangelist Michael Diden aka Ejele and DOP Ifeanyi Eboigbe, standing by my side here today knew what happened in 2014/2015. We made it and won the election together. They are with me today and I am sure we shall win again at the primaries and in 2023.

"To all the Delegates who are here today and those who could not make it here, your job is very simple as loyal party men and women, vote Sheriff Oborevwori on 21st May, 2022 as PDP flag bearer for 2023 governorship election. 

"Oborwcwori is a humble, responsible, hardworking, competent, eminently qualify and has the capacity to govern this state without blemish. Oborevwori will do more for Deltsns and the state via his M.O.R.E agenda. I urge PDP structures to support him for a landslide victory," Oyovbaire said.

In a nutshell, both the Father and Mother of Government in this administration were physically present to give their support to incoming son and governor, RR Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, JP, the Ukodo of Okpe Kingdom.

Olorogun John Oguma, sang and danced to some Urhobo gospel music, obviously thanking God for a hitch free and highly successful leaders and delegates consultation tour of the state. He said he had to accompany Rt Hon Oborevwori on tour of the state from day one to the grand finale in Okpe LGA, because there was no reason to doubt his victory at both gubernatorial primaries and election in 2023. 

"Oborevwori is our incoming governor, by the grace of God, and look no further. Discard all sorts of fake news and rumours everywhere. Those rumours are part of the electioneering strategies that goes to no issues. Don't mind them, nothing will change. Oborevwori is a goal.

"The incoming governor of Delta State is here with us, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori. This is the truth and you can judge by the calibre of politicians gathered here today. Check the consultation team of other aspirants, you will not see the calibre of people you see here today with them. 

"Other aspirants are going about consulting leaders and delegates to fulfil all righteousness. They know their incoming governor and after the primaries they will join us to deliver our party and candidate, Rt Hon Oborevwori. Delegates across the state will vote SHERIFF because of his exemplary character, his Pan Delta disposition, competence and prudent management of resources.

"It is our duty to ensure that our family members, friends, colleagues and associates are Sheriffied before parry primaries and gubernatorial election. Victory is sure," Oguma said.

Chief Roland Oritshejafor told the mammoth crowd that Delta South adoption of Oborevwori as sole governorship candidate was irrevocable and valid. He noted that the massive endorsements of Oborevwori attests to his good character, excellent human relations,.competence, detribalised nature and genuine humility.

"There is no gainsaying the fact that Rt Hon Oborevwori is a man of the people. He is a credible, sellable and popular candidate. I urge all Deltans especially our delegates to vote for him enmass. Delta state shall be prosperous and further developed under Oborevwori as governor," Oritsejafor assured

After the event, Rt Hon Oborevwori hosted the Sheriffied Team to a tantalizing dinner. He sat among the people and ate with them. He personally supervised the dinner and ensured everybody was served and satisfied. This is what every good leader should do for his supporters and followers and he did it.  

Oborevwori's humility and hospitality is amazing and highly commendable.

Look no further, be SHERIFFIED.

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