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WADA: CDHR, NDLEA Sensitizes Delta Youths Against Drug Abuse

Muhammadu Buhari
Nigeria's President

"For drug abuse to be eliminated in our society, the politicians, those who are ruling us should go back to the drawing board and turn back from that filthy way." Edariase.

The Delta State Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA today praised Delta State Branch of the Committee for the Defence of Human Right, CDHR for being the catalyst for holding its first sensitization on the newly launched War Against Drug Abuse, WADA by President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari launched WADA programme into existence in 2021.

This is coming as the CDHR, in collaboration with the NDLEA today sensitized youths against drug abuses.

CDHR Chairman in Delta State, Comrade (Elder) A.P. Edariese said the programme is timely. He said the CDHR deemed it necessary to be proactive and to be the first of its kind throughout Nigeria. 

He said they sensitized the youths who are the most affected to be beware and take care of all they do as it relates to drug.

Comrade Edariese said drug and poverty are the main influencers of insecurity in the nation today. 

Comrade Edariese said the youths become emboldened no matter the gravity of the crime either heinous or otherwise.

"When they take the drug, they don't even value human being and so they can take lives at will because, at that stage of being drugged, they don't know the difference between human being and an animal. So, they take pleasure in slaughtering human being. And so, the insecurity is a product of drug abuse in our Nigerian youths. Moreover, poverty is also influencer of drug abuse.

"Nigeria situation does not allow person to have what to do. Those who finished from university, they have no jobs, those who learn skills have no money to establish. They are roaming the streets. They are easily captured by peer groups who are criminals already and they become indoctrinated. When they take the drugs, they now know that committing crime is being celebrated in Nigeria more than being hard working."

He said for drug abuse to be eradicated in Nigeria, many sectors have to be purged. 

He said majority of the politicians are cultists saying they take drugs and they send the youths to procure same for them. 

"They give them cover and in bringing them to them. The youths now know the use of the drugs and enter into using it. 

"Those who do kidnapping at the point of kidnapping, they have lost the human sense in them. So, even if it is their father they kidnap, they don't bother. These are some of the issues. 

"For drug abuse to be eliminated in our society, the politicians, those who are ruling us should go back to the drawing board and turn back from that filthy way."

He said DCP Abba Kyari is just a scapegoat today with regards to the alleged drug trafficking case against him. "If thorough investigation is allowed to be carried out, you will hardly find up to 40 percent of officers who are not involved in drugs. 

"Nigerians have delight in becoming a force man, Police top brass, an Army , the Navy and others. By that, they have secured protection against arrest, against any form of justice against them. So, they use that acquired status to encourage drug trafficking.

"Because they know if they load their vehicle with drug, nobody will check them. They are even the major carriers. 

"Politicians who blare sirens when they are moving, they use their vehicle to carry drugs and when they want to discharge them, it is the youths that they use to discharge them who now see them and have a taste of it.

"If drug abuse must be reduced, every sector of the country must have to purge themselves."

Comrade Edariese appealed to Nigerian leaders and politicians to go back to the fear of God and the laws they enacted with a view to pondering about its implications.

"Majority of our senior Police Officers, Army Officers, Naval Officers, Airforce Officers, Custom Officers, majority of them are into these. It is the one that is caught that is a criminal."

He said the consequences of the effects of drug abuse are becoming more obvious and disturbing in the society. 

While noting that the effects of drug abuse are physical, Psychological, social and economic, Comrade Edariese said the consequences of the abuse has led to brain, kidney, liver damage, hypertension, excessive heart beats, chronic bleeding, damage to unborn babies, impaired vision, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, Psychosis, impaired judgement, terrorism, loss of job, family distintegration,expulsion from school, delinquency, criminal oftences and others.

He said some of the drugs commonly abused are cannabis(hemp), alcohol, cocaine, heroin, codeine, tramadol, inhalant methamphetamine etc.

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