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Reinforcing The Brain Dynamics Of Younger Generations In The Wheel Of Progress. By David Adenekan

David Adenekan

The difference between the older and the younger generation is just the ability to think outside the box or, without the box. 

Young people know more nowadays, and that is an arguable fact.

The video clip below is a big lesson to learn the seemingly evolution of the brain dynamics of today's younger generations. Also, it is imperative that the old order must pave way for the new order in this digital age and this cannot be overemphasized.

An analogue mindset cannot just work in a digital age. A simple demonstration of this fact was when the Nigeria Independent Electoral Commission, INEC shot itself in the leg when as a body, it effortlessly made a frantic effort to combine the digital ways with the analogue ways of doing things. Did the electoral body not screw up the whole electoral process of a much expected free and fair presidential election? 

Yes, it is almost a paperless age and one must give way to the other. It is either you stick with your analogue ways of doing things and remain very backward in development or, you go the digital way and move very fast in an accelerated pace of technological advancement and development that will help to deepen democracy and for a better society.

However, in the Nigeria of today, the old order has refused to give way to the new order, all because of their greed for power, selfishness and institutionalized corruption. 

Alas, many of the old generation of African leaders are an embodiment of evil. "Won ti je aye awon omo won mo aye." This is interpreted as the older generations in power are wickedly wasting away the glory of the younger generations with impunity of the highest order. 

The video clip above clearly shown a metaphor of how many of our African leaders will resist the brain dynamics of our younger generations to reposition the power to govern to the new world order or digital age.

In the video clip above, look at the way the old man angrily pursued the young brilliant mind to forcefully take away from him, the prize of winning a new world order for a better society.

Hmmm, "you must grab power at all cost and run away with it."

Another classic example is Paul Biya of Cameroon, a senile at 90 years old, who runs the government of Cameroun at the instance and support of her former colonial master, France. It is called neo colonialism. Yes, Paul Biya's leadership is at the detriment of Camerounians.

Is Nigeria not in the same dilemma with her former colonial master, the so called Great Britain? More than 60 years after Independence, Nigerian leaders are still at the mercy of "The Majesty The King."


Also, the kind of brain smart that fit into the new world or digital age for accelerated technological advancement has very little to do with knowledge within the four walls of any great citadel of learning or Ivy-league universities. Are we surprised that many of today's African leaders that are parading Masters or PHD degrees are just a bunch of fools? It is indeed obvious that they lack common sense with the ways and manners they are running the continent of Africa.  

Did the recent naira swerve in Nigeria not validate the foolishness of our politicians when billions of naira that would have been invested in the development of human capacity, were stored in rooms or underneath the earth without ventilation to preserve the face value of the money; multilated and wasted in a poverty ridden society. "Ika ma ni awon ara bi olo selu yi o."  This is interpreted as this so called Nigerian politicians are absolutely wicked.

Moreover, did Bill Gates not drop out of university to use his innate ability or talent to invent Microsoft and open up the world to a new digital age (the internet world)? 

Also, in the past centuries, it would take a newly born baby about 72 hours to open his or her eyes in the new world. 

However, in this century, a newly born baby comes to the world with his or her two eyes widely opened.

Truly speaking, the world is naturally and technologically evolving, a take home point for some Igbos and some of my Yoruba people that ethnic bigotry is one of the greatest obstacles of accelerated development in this digital age, the whole world is now a small village.



In the final analysis, an analogue mindset in a digital age is tantamount to "putting a square peg in a round hole." It is very counter-productive.

Please, stop reinforcing failure and allow the younger generations to run the affairs of men. 

Yes, it is time to give way to a new world order, it is called the digital age and  Nigeria will not be an exception.

Truth is bitter!

Only time will tell.

David Adenekan Is The Editor Of Shekinah International Magazine And A Media Expert. He Writes From Chicago, Illinois.

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