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The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) took delivery of a brand new 300MVA 330/132/33kV power transformer at its Lekki 330/132/33kV Transmission Substation on April 30, 2023, the latest addition of new transformers delivered to the substation. 

Earlier, the substation received two brand new 60/75MVA power transformers in February and three heavy-duty truckloads of transformer components in January, 2023, among others.

TCN Management through its Lagos Region has continued to ensure prompt execution of transmission projects within the Region. 

"This," according to Ndidi Mbah, GM Public Affairs of the TCN in a statement on Friday, 05 May 2023, "entails the upgrade or total overhaul of its equipment where needed to achieve a more effective and efficient bulk transmission of electricity to the distribution load centers of the Ikeja and Eko DisCos and reduce to minimal, downtime that would have resulted from equipment failure."

"The Region equally undertakes the prompt maintenance of equipment to further preserve its lifespan.

"On installation, the 300MVA 330/132/33kV power transformer will add 240MW to the Lekki Substation capacity. 

"Presently, arrangements are being made to put the transformer on the plinth to enable its installation.

Meanwhile, under Lagos Region, several substations and line projects have been completed in the last one year, some of these include:

Reconductoring and commissioning of the New Ikorodu/Shagamu 132kV line 

Installation of 1x60MVA transformer at Egbin 132kV Substation

Installation of new 60MVA 132/33kV transformer at Itire 132kV Substation

Diversion of Aja/Egbin 330kV lines 3 & 4 to Aja/Omotosho/Epe 330kV lines 1&2

Replacement of 3nos defective circuit breaker interrupter of T1 45MVA transformer secondary circuit breaker. The Region has equally changed several other circuit breakers in different areas of the transmission region.

The Region is equally undertaking several transmission projects, which are at various stages of completion. Some of them are as follows:

Construction of 2x60MVA 132/33kV Eko Atlantic Transmission Substation

Installation 300MVA 330/132kV, 2X100/125MVA transformers at Alagbon Substation

Installation of 300MVA 330/132kV, 2x60/75MVA 132/33kV transformers at Lekki Substation

Installation of GIS indoor equipment at Akoka Substation 

Installation of 60/75MVA 132/33kV transformer at Akoka Substation 

Installation of GIS indoor equipment at Amuwo Substation                            

Installation of 60/75MVA 132/33kV transformer at Amuwo Substation

Upgrading Ijora 132/33kV Substation with 100/125MVA power transformer 

Installation of additional 100/125MVA at Ijora Substation

Installation of GIS indoor equipment at Itire 132/33kV Substation                               

Reinforcement with 60/75MVA 132/33kV transformer at Itire Substation

Upgrading with 2x100/125MVA power transformers at Maryland Substation

Upgrading with 2x100/125MVA transformers at Ota Substation

Upgrading of Alausa Substation with 1X100/125MVA power transformer 

Conversion of transformer T1-45MVA sec & 3Nos. 33kV feeders indoors to outdoors at Alausa 132/33kV Substation

SCADA system - installation of grid metering pane for the 132kV & 33kV Circuits at Alausa Substation

Rehabilitation of the 132/33kV control room at Alausa Substation

Upgrading of Akoka Substation with 2X60MVA transformer 

Installation of 100MVA power transformer at Ajah Substation

Installation of 30MVA and 60MVA power transformers at  Oworonshoki Substation

Construction of additional 3x33kV feeder bay at  Oworonshoki Substation

Installation of 100MVA power transformer at  Isolo Substation

Upgrading of Isolo Substation with to 60MVA power transformer 

Upgrading of Isolo Substation with 60MVA power transformer 

Upgrading of Itire Substation with 60MVA power transformer 

Construction of 3Nos. 33kV bays at  Ojo Substation

Upgrading of 2x45MVA with 2x100MVA power transformers  at Agbara Substation

Construction of additional of 3X33kV feeder bays at  Agbara Substation

Installation of additional 1X100MVA, 132/33kV transformer at  Oke-Aro Substation 

TCN Lagos Region also installed several feeder bays in different substations such as Oworonshoki, Oke-Aro, and Egbin, among others. In addition to these, other projects have been proposed to further enhance power transmission within the Region.

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