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Premium Trust Bank Not Okowa's Investment - former EAC ...Says Aniagwu owns JaceDarl Hotels.

Pa EK Clark and former Delta state Gov. Senator Ifeanyi Okowa

"Pa E.K Clark's sudden outburst on Okowa administration is traceable to unreconciled political issues that had to do with the 2023 general elections." Oghenesivbe JP

Immediate past Executive Assistant on Communications to Delta State Governor under Okowa administration, Olorogun Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq, has reacted to the claim by elder statesman, Chief E.K Clark, alleging that former governor of the state, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, CON, owned Premium Trust Bank and JaceDarl Hotels in Asaba.

Oghenesivbe in a statement on Monday, asserted that while Okowa does not have any financial stakes in Premium Trust Bank, not to talk of owning 80 percent shares, he named the immediate past Commissioner of Information, Mr Charles Aniagwu as the owner, Chairman/CEO and promoter of JaceDarl Hotels Ltd.

He disclosed that Aniagwu started the construction of JaceDarl Hotels long before his appointment as Chief Press Secretary to Okowa, but finally completed the project and opened JaceDarl for business towards the end of Okowa's eight years administration.

Oghenesivbe, who was Okowa's Executive Assistant on Communications for six years, noted that Pa E.K Clark's sudden outburst on Okowa administration is traceable to unreconciled political issues that had to do with the 2023 general elections, saying that the accuser and the accused were in different political camps as far as the choice of presidential candidates were concerned.

He appealed to Pa E.K. Clark to take a critical look at the state infrastructure before Okowa assumed office on May 29, 2015, and compare same to the eight  years of Okowa administration, pointing out that the result is capable of calming the political nerves of the elder statesman, and appreciate the giant strides recorded in the past eight years in terms of socioeconomic and infrastructure development of the three senatorial districts, including Pa Clark's local government area, under Okowa's visionary leadership.

Oghenesivbe described Pa E K. Clark as a living ancestor, a super legend and a true leader of the people of the Niger Delta in South-South Nigeria, who over the years stood firm to ensure that the geopolitical zone was not unnecessarily short changed in the scheme of things.

He, however, averred that Pa E.K Clark, who was instrumental to the emergence of Okowa as governor in 2015, may not have acted in good faith in his allegations against his son and immediate past governor, due largely to perceived anger occasioned by  unreconciled multifaceted political issues prompted by the 2023 general elections. 

Okowa's former EAC noted that the issue of 13% derivation funds to which DESOPADEC is a beneficiary, can only be interrogated via facts and figures disclosed by the state government versus actual amount received, noting that the amount received by the commission as disclosed by government through the immediate past Commissioner for Information, Mr Charles Aniagwu, becomes prima facie evidence, pointing to show that DESOPADEC was not short changed as claimed in Pa Clark's allegation.

Oghenesivbe appealed to Pa E.K Clark,  to kindly cross check data and  information supplied to him by Okowa's political detractors, fact-check them again and again, because available records pointed to the fact that Okowa governed the state without blemish in terms of prudent management of human, material and financial resources while his administration lasted.

"Pa E K Clark, no doubt, is one of the leading voices for the economic emancipation of the Niger Delta. He's a living ancestor, consummate leader and a father with uncommon retentive memory.

"However, his allegations against the immediate past governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, CON, as far as Premium Trust Bank And JaceDarl Hotels ownership is concerned can neither be substantiated nor proved beyond reasonable doubt.

"I say so, because I know that JaceDarl Hotels Ltd ownership is vested in the immediate past Commissioner for Information, Mr Charles Aniagwu. It is not a hidden fact.

"Aniagwu started JaceDarl Hotels project long before he was appointed Chief Press Secretary to Okowa in 2015, but completed the project and opened for business towards the end of Okowa administration.

"Checks at various government agencies responsible for business name incorporation and bank operational license does not point to Okowa as the promoter of Premium Trust bank, and there are no proof that he own 80 percent shares in the bank, contrary to Pa Clark's allegation.

"In criminal jurisdiction, allegations must be proved beyond reasonable doubt by the accuser, not the accused. This is the reason why Pa E.K. Clark, must of a necessity slow down, calm his political temper, and once again cross check data and information supplied to him by Okowa political detractors, so as to avoid misrepresentation of facts and unfounded allegations.

"It's on record and Pa E.K. Clark mentioned it severally that Okowa betrayed South-South governors over choice of presidential candidate in the just concluded 2023 general elections. This is the SOUL of the matter. Okowa denied not betraying anyone because party was and still supreme. 

"The Presidential ticket of PDP was open to all as endorsed by the national leadership of PDP, not Okowa. This is it! Okowa didn't betray South-South Governors. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar emerged as presidential candidate in a keenly contested primary. It's wrong to unjustly crucify Okowa.

"Elections are over. Pa E K. Clark should kindly let peace reign in Delta State. Our new Governor, Rt Hon (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori is settling down to implement his M.O.R.E agenda, and it's only fair for us to give him the needed peaceful atmosphere for him to function effectively without distractions.

"We love Pa Clark. Okowa holds him in high esteem. It's time for papa Clark to look at the issues again, flash his mind through Okowa legacy projects in the past eight years and give him the undisputed commendation and let's move on," Oghenesivbe said.

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