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DELTA: GET IT RIGHT, ADDRESS POWER, ENERGY. Says Prophet Ariole .... It's Not By Giving Citizens ₦8,000 palliative

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu
President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

"You have been an agitator in the struggle for Democracy. Today, you are the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is not a prophecy but it's a call to duty that you must get it right." Ariole

The General Overseer of Goshen Freedom Tabernacle, GFT in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State,Prophet Austin Ariole JP has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress, APC led Federal Government of Nigeria to get it right. 

The cleric, in a statement issued, said it is not by distributing eight thousand (₦8,000) to Nigerians as subsidy palliative but to address the challenges of power and energy, making the gas turbines and modular refineries work with a view to creating employment for the citizens especially the youths. 

He said; "Nigerians are no longer patient. They are not happy."

The cleric handed down the message to the President during an interview marking his birthday at his residence in Effurun.

Prophet Ariole said he is taking too long to a time to resolve the pains agitating the minds of Nigerians.

Prophet Ariole said there is high rate of unemployment amongst graduates from the nation's ivory towers.

He enjoined the President to synergize with professionals with experience and allow the modular refineries in the country.

"You have been an agitator in the struggle for Democracy. Today, you are the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is not a prophecy but it's a call to duty that you must get it right."

While noting that President Tinubu had in his head the vision to create jobs for the youths having promised during his campaign to recruit 500 million youths.

"There is a gentleman who has a modular refinery somewhere maybe in Katsina. His name is Patrick Azih. I believe NNPC is involved in that project. It therefore means you have to synergize with such people and let these things begin to work."

Prophet Ariole the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari was a "fraud". 

According to him,former President Buhari commissioned Dangote refinery and assured Nigerians that in July it will start working pointing out that same is not working.

"Nobody is talking about it. They are angry. That refinery is not ready and there was a celebration over it. It's a scam."

He also advised President Tinubu to encourage people from the Niger Delta region who have the financial muscle and expertise to run the modular refineries in the Country.

He said, "You're destroying lives that they are doing bunkering in their own communities. You are the cause. Not Tinubu. The government is the cause that made people to go into illegal means of getting wealth.

"Youths are now going out to get wealth pressing computers and police are after them. Get it right and let the youths work."

Prophet Ariole opined that if there are enough jobs, churches will be limited. Those who are called will thrive. 

"Because there's no job, everybody thinks there's something inside the church."

He said that church is not an employment saying,"get it right. People will go into the university and come back and end up being tailor. That's not their vision. 

While noting that tailoring is an honourable vocation to venture into, Prophet Ariole said who are trained on it should be allowed to thrive in their fields as graduates need not go and compete with them. "It's a misnormal" he said.

Prophet Ariole also said the Nigerian Government is the cause the thriving activities of witchcraft in the Country. "You made witchcraft to thrive over your citizens."

He urged President Tinubu to get it right so that the witches in the country could pack to the villages and stay there.

According to Prophet Ariole,"witches are now in cities here" just as he lamented over the high rate of unemployment amongst the youths.

He noted that the youths are in virtually all churches clapping hands all night casting witches from their fathers and mothers houses after graduation from the universities without jobs.

Prophet Ariole said the energy they used should be for all nights should have been deployed into other productive ventures.

Prophet Ariole who kicked holes in the ministerial list of President Tinubu aid he sees compensation in it. He however said,"it's a call to serve."

He urged President to allow the appointed ministers do the needful in his administration just he warned that nobody should think that Nigeria can be exempted from the military coup ravaging most of the West African Countries.

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