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Humanitarian Crises: Edu Seeks Collaboration With Interior Ministry On Internal Security, Human Trafficking and Migration ... To Set Up an Inter-Ministerial Committee For Actionable Results

Hon. Tunji-Ojo welcoming Dr. Betta Edu to his office

"The collaboration by both Ministries in the areas of Internal Security, Human Trafficking, and Migration would go a long way in tackling the root cause of the humanitarian crisis and poverty in the country." Dr. Edu.

..... To Set Up An Inter-Ministerial Committee For Actionable Results.

Poised to finding a lasting solution to the lingering and worrisome issues of human trafficking, migration and the problems of insecurity in the country,  the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu has sought the collaboration of the Ministry of Interior.

Hon. Tunji-Ojo explaining a point to Dr. Edu

Dr Betta Edu, while disclosing that the collaboration between her Ministry and the Ministry of Interior in the areas of Internal Security, Human Trafficking, and Migration, stressed that it would go a long way in tackling the root cause of the humanitarian crisis and poverty in the country.

The Minister who vowed that she would do all she could to end the misery of Nigerians caught up in the vortex of poverty and Humanitarian needs,  advocated for a strong synergy between her Ministry and the Interior Ministry. 

Dr. Betta Edu

The collaboration, she says, between the two Ministries will be key in the following areas; NSCDC to provide internal security to persons of concern across the country; both IDP's refugees and others, while providing security intelligence on how to prevent humanitarian crises and protect persons affected by humanitarian crises. 

The Fire Service, according to her, are first responders in every emergency and as such, must collaborate with the Ministry to know when emergency occurs so they can respond effectively to emergency.

According to Dr. Edu, "One key area of collaboration is with the Nigerian Immigration Service which needs to work with NAPTIP to end human trafficking for forced labour, child labour and sexual exploitation amongst other issues. 

"Immigration is also expected to collaborate to stem the tide of young Nigerians leaving the country to die in the Mediterranean Sea or deserts and in the same vein, ensuring that migrants and refugees are properly documented. 

"Interventions under the National Social Investment targeted at lifting persons out of poverty as well as vocational training, will be beneficial to staff and inmates of Correctional Centers in the country. 

"We will also expand our National Social Register to accommodate veterans and families of Officers who died in active  service and also, provide social safety nets for them." She stated.

She was optimistic that synergy between the two Ministries would help in addressing some of the challenges. 

While commending the action and hardworking Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, for bringing his wealth of experience to bear on the  Ministry and achieving landmark results in just 3 weeks, Dr. Betta Edu said; "We are here for serious business and for us to succeed, the President has said we must team up and there must be Inter-sectoral and Ministerial collaboration to achieve success."

According to her, the collaboration between the two Ministries has become inevitable, owing to the determination of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to address the humanitarian crisis in the country including efforts to remove Nigerians from the global poverty index, in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of his administration. 

Dr. Betta identified internal security, human trafficking and migration as some of the factors that led to insecurity and by extension, humanitarian crises and poverty across the country.

"My responsibilities focus on covering a greater population of vulnerable Nigerians, providing them with humanitarian services and alleviating their poverty in line with President Tinubu's agenda.

"The President is committed to seeing that Nigerians smile again and reduce the number of people living below the poverty line to the bearest minimum." She said.

Speaking to Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, the Minister of Interior Affairs, Dr Beta Edu said; "Hon. Minister, my coming here is to quickly speak with you because your Ministry is one of the Ministries that will make my job easier. 

"The President is committed to seeing that he reduces the number of persons who are exposed or prone to humanitarian crisis. I am saying this because, a lot of our work depends on how well you do your work in the Ministry of Interior. 

"We need your support and we need it at all levels. The Heads of Security Agencies here at this meeting will help to work with our team to gather intelligence on how people are moving in and out of our country. 

"There are issues of human trafficking, child labour, and sexual exploitation, amongst other things which lead to humanitarian crises. We cannot continue to allow this trend to go unattended. It is not acceptable.

"We need your support. We need intelligence from you. We just got the approval for Officers from NAPTIP to be present at the different ports. 

"We need you to know the importance of our collaboration with you on the border. We have to find ways to step up our intelligence in Nigeria as we have too many illegal borders."

On social intervention, the Minister said the expansion of the Social Register will be extended to the next-of-kin of the servicemen and widows of paramilitary organizations whose husbands have died in the cause of active service,  adding that inmates of the Nigeria Correctional Services will be captured and also, benefit from the skill acquisition programs of her Ministry.

Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo

Responding, the Minister for Interior,  Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo commended Dr Edu  for the Renewed Hope collaboration she sought from his Ministry. 

According to the Minister, the inter-Ministerial Committee headed by the two Permanent Secretaries in both Ministries will work out modalities that will strengthen the focus of their agenda.

He described as heartwarming and a welcome development, the offers from the Humanitarian Minister to train the inmates in the Correctional facilities in skills acquisition. 

He also used the opportunity to inform Nigerians that out of the back-log of over 200,000 passport deficit, 56,000 has been cleared in just 4 days, adding that they will do their best to meet the 2 weeks target.

He appreciated the Honourable Minister for the visit.

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