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Renewed Hope Agenda Get More Boost .... As Dr Betta Edu Visits Ogun State, To Bring Succour To Victims Of Isheri Flood

Gov Dapo Abiodun receiving Dr Betta Edu in Ogun state.

"My mission is simple; President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is concerned about the flooding issues and other situations that have affected parts of Ogun State and Lagos State." Edu

"I promise we won’t fail you."

Nigeria's Humanitarian and Poverty Alleviation Minister, Dr Betta Edu, poised on projecting the benefits and actualization of the Renewed Hope Agenda to Nigerians through her Ministry, is set to bring relief to the victims of the flood in Isheri, Ifo Local Government of Ogun State.

This is as the Federal Government is set to give relief packages to victims of the flood, while plans are on the way to help revive trade and livelihoods of businesses affected by the flood. 

Promises of new job opportunities, through the targeted Adire Scheme intervention were also made.

His Excellency, Dapo Abiodun
Executives Governor
Ogun State

Received by the Ogun State Governor, His Excellency Dapo Abiodun, during her visit to the state, Dr Betta said the visit would afford her the opportunity to provide succor to the victims affected by flood, discuss the various social safety net programs of the Renewed Hope agenda of President Bola Tinubu and the various ways the state can key in. 

She also added that it will afford her the opportunity to receive the update on the state’s social register which feeds into the National Social Register for Ogun and then, allow Ogun beneficiaries to start receiving their conditional cash transfers like their counterparts in other states.

According to the Minister, "My mission is simple; President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is concerned about the flooding issues and other situations that have affected parts of Ogun State and Lagos State. I am here to provide humanitarian support and response to those who have been affected by flooding.

Dr. Betta Edu
Honourable Minister, 
Humanitarian & Poverty Alleviation Ministry

"Of course, I have seen videos and pictures of the areas that have been affected by flood. We will be there first thing in the morning tomorrow to see things for ourselves and of course, take good record of the number of persons that have been affected and how we can immediately support them. We came with a lot of relief materials which will be given to them while we work on the long-term goal of building their livelihood.

"The second purpose why I am here is to ensure that we can have an update on Ogun State Social Register, which feeds into the National Social Register so they can begin to receive the conditional cash transfer which has already started in several other states.

"The Governor set up an Inter-Ministerial team that has been working in-person verification of beneficiaries of this conditional cash transfer, and they have been working with the National team to vet the register and ensure that they have BVN, NIN and they can verify their houses; this will enable payment to go out at once to beneficiaries from Ogun State," Edu said.

The Minister further reiterated that the Ministry has mapped out immediate intervention in the state, which according to her included support for market women and men, saying that it is part of the interventions intended to take about 50 Million people out of poverty within the next 42 months.

“Beyond this, we have been able to carefully map out immediate intervention that will be carried out in Ogun State. Some are designed specifically for Ogun State, like the ADIRE scheme which we want to support women and men to produce ADIRE from the inception to final products that can be sold in international markets and of course, link them up to where they can sell; this is part of our plans to lift them from poverty.

"We also have the GEEP Programme, which is market and trader money as well as farmers' money. Remember that GEEP is a zero-interest rate loan to these persons, but the grant for vulnerable groups will also be supporting a programme and scheme that has already been implemented here in Ogun State.

"From Ogun, the team will move to Lagos to see areas affected by the flood where we can intervene too." The Minister assured.

While thanking the Governor and people of Ogun State for the warm reception accorded her during her visit, Dr Betta assured the people thus: "I promise we won’t fail you."

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