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Dr. Abdulraham Ayo
COO, Nigeria National League

"We are set to run the league using the international best practices." Dr. Ayo, COO, NNL.

The Chief Operating Officer, COO of the Nigeria National League, Dr Abdulraham Ayo has said that the major plans of the new board is to reshape the league in a way that it will attract sponsors and partners.

Speaking to journalist in his office, Dr. Abdulraham disclosed some key decisions will be taken towards the next season that will reshape the league and attract quality sponsors.

According to the NNL COO, "when I left NNL, we had 32 clubs. Today, we have 40. The increase is a problem."

On the issue relating to club licensing requirement, he revealed that licensing requirement have been domiciled in all tiers of the league.

"It's not new and most have been ongoing. The only difference is that it is not segmented as it is being circulated today.

"Most importantly, away from the current level of adherence, the NNL Board will intensify on improved percentage of compliance from 2024/25 season.

He also spoke on the high number of players on loan in each club and  promised that it will be added in form of proposal for the 2024/2025 since there was no mention of it in the 2023/2024

"We are set to run the league using the international best practices." He stated.

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