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Tax Evasion/Avoidance, Drug Abuse: Orientation Bureau Will Champion Campaign Against Offenders, Says Oghenesivbe

"Tax evasion and avoidance is a serious criminal offence which must be discouraged." Oghenesivbe

"Payment of taxes is an integral part of citizens civic responsibility to the state, aimed at generating additional financial resources to enable government provide essential services."

Executive Assistant on Orientation and Communications to the Delta State Governor,Wilfred Latimore Oghenesivbe has declared that multifaceted campaign strategies are to be deployed by the Delta State Bureau of Orientation, DSOB, to further sensitize citizens on the legal implications of tax evasion/avoidance, and the need for individuals and operators in the informal sector to pay taxes to government as at when due.

Oghenesivbe, who is also the Head of the Bureau, gave the hint during a live public affairs radio programme aired by Voice of Delta Radio, and Morning Ride Show on State Television Asaba, on Thursday.

He further disclosed that the Bureau will partner with the State Internal Revenue Services, to drive the campaign in line with government objective of raking N12 billion and above monthly, next year.

"Tax evasion and avoidance is a serious criminal offence which must be discouraged," he pointed out.

"Payment of taxes is an integral part of citizens civic responsibility to the state, aimed at generating additional financial resources to enable government provide essential services, such as; social welfare programmes, maintain and build additional infrastructure, effectively secure the state and discharge it's social contract obligations to citizens." Oghenesivbe stated.

Speaking on the plans of the Bureau, Oghenesivbe said the State Orientation Bureau will drive aggressive and impactful public enlightenment programmes via the mass media; radio and television jingles, Podcast for social media, billboards and town hall meetings in communities and institutions of learning, adding that such campaign messages shall consistently speak to the conscience of our teeming youth to abstain from drug abuse, social vices and financial crimes, such as; Advance Fee Fraud known as 419/Yahoo, prostitution, homosexual and lesbianism that are classified as criminal in federal and state Laws.

He assured that the Bureau under his leadership will ensure that our street boys and girls are rebranded to become good boys and girls by encouraging them via sensitization programmes to participate, and benefit from the various human capital development and Skills Acquisition Programmes of the state government under the MORE agenda of governor Sheriff F.O. Oborevwori, where they are trained, given Starter Packs and mentored to become responsible citizens, efficient managers of resources and successful entrepreneurs.

"I have been brainstorming with my Directors and entire staff on how to take the State Orientation Bureau to the next level through positive and result oriented sensitization engagements with citizens and target audiences.

"Our assigned responsibilities include; to explain policies, programmes and achievements of government to our people, especially in the rural communities in the language and dialects they understand. 

"Social Vices is rapidly eroding moral Values and it is the responsibility of government to curb the ugly trend through deliberate impactful sensitization programmes via the Orientation Bureau.

"And in times of natural disasters like flooding, spread of diseases, social vices and others, the Bureau must be seen to be proactive, efficient and effective in sensitizing and educating our people, so as to prevent or drastically reduce the negative impacts or loss of lives. 

"We are committed, and ready to partner with government agencies and organisations to drive the MORE agenda of the Governor, Elder Oborevwori, through strategic campaigns that touches on government policies, programmes and achievements, as well as to emphasize the need for citizens to perform their civic responsibilities, such as payment of taxes to government as at when due, et al.

"We hope to partner with the State Internal Revenue Services to drive the campaign against Tax evasion and avoidance, reach out to our Schools and the mass media to also sensitive our people and youth on the need to stay away from crime, avoid drug abuse and other societal ills.

"The lofty programmes encapsulated in the MORE agenda are such that touches on all segments, sectors and social strata, including job and health creation programmes that would transform our street boys and girls to the enviable status of good boys, girls and successful entrepreneurs," Oghenesivbe said.

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