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FENRAD CONDEMNS KILLING OF ACHUMUGU ETUBI ..... Says Etubi's Killing By Soldiers Is Unprofessional, Wicked and Against The Rules Of Engagement.

"There is no connection between the death of an adult who drowned in a pool and the killing of a manager of the hotel where the said pool is located," FENRAD

The Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy and Development, FENRAD, a human and environmental rights-focused group has condemned, in its entirety, the killing of Mr. Achumugu James Etubi, manager at Damgrete Hotel, Umuahia by yet-to-be identified personnel of the Nigeria Army, NA.

FENRAD, in a statement signed by its Executive Director, Comrade Nelson Nwafor on Tuesday, 16th April in Abuja, described the act the as unprofessional and against the rules of engagement. 

The foundation further describes the as atrocious because, according to the laws of war and armed conflict, killing a civilian or a combatant during an armed conflict or truce, especially when they are unsuspecting or have surrendered themselves is known as 'perfidious killing.' 

"The sad and tragic thing in this instance is that Etubi was a non-combatant felled in peacetime by some trigger-happy soldiers who had allegedly stormed Damgrete Hotel to 'investigate' the death of a cadet in Nigerian Defense Academy who drowned while swimming in a pool at the hotel where Etubi was a manager, until his untimely death. 

It is sad to note that CDT Emmanuel Chidiebere Onyemereneche, with the registration number: NDA 13257, reportedly went to the hotel which is still undergoing reconstruction by himself before unfortunately drowning in a pool there. 

Available reports claim that Onyemereneche was in swimming trunks when his body was recovered in the pool by agents of the Federal Fire Service, meaning that he might have died of asphyxiation. It is tragic that the cadet had a few days to pass out from the NDA before his painful death, but CDT Emmanuel Chidiebere Onyemereneche was not a war casualty, rather a victim of an unfortunate event, just like that witnessed in the nation's movie industry recently. 

"There is no connection between the death of an adult who drowned in a pool and the killing of a manager of the hotel where the said pool is located," FENRAD's Executive Director, Nwafor stated. 

To FENRAD, this brutal killing which ended the life of Mr. Etubi must be investigated and a closure reached in the interest of justice to Etubi's grieving family, friends and loved ones. Even in a situation like this, an investigation into the death of CDT Emmanuel Chidiebere Onyemereneche ought to have come from the appropriate quarters or better still, the police since he did not die on duty. What happened was simply some soldiers gaining access to the hotel, killing the manager in the process. 

"Does that look like investigation? What if the bullets when spread had hit other hotel guests or staff members? At what point does it make sense to shoot in the open without a recourse to public safety? 

FENRAD, being a stakeholder and co-implementer of Stakeholders' Dialogue on Civil-Military Relations for Peace and Security in the Southeast, having read the release from the military headquarters promising to nail all those involved, calls on the military leadership to do the following forthwith:

1) Allow an independent investigation into the extrajudicial execution

2) Publish the names of soldiers who took part in that operation at Damgrete Hotel that fateful day, including those of their superior officials, if any, who authorised or sanctioned their operation.  

3) Publish the name of the soldier(s) in particular who shot Mr. Etubi. 

4) Prosecute of all those involved in that operation with no exemption or obstruction of justice. 

5) If found guilty, let those who led that operation be convicted, even dismissed

6) Award compensation to the bereaved family, ensuring that all those he left behind, including his dependents, are taken care of. 

"These are what would address the senseless, unprovoked murder of a citizen by those who are paid to protect him. 

Right now, FENRAD is on top of the situation and will be engaging the military authorities to ensure that the matter is brought to a logical end. FENRAD wishes to state that it would not rest on its oars until justice is properly dispensed, as all Nigerian lives, civilian or military, matter. No Nigerian life or citizen should be used for target practice. 

The Foundation regrets the death of CDT Onyemereneche, felicitates and sympathises with the family and loved ones of the cadet, even as it remains unwavering in the belief that the death of the cadet does not call for a reprisal or vengeance.

To all those affected - whether directly or indirectly - by the death of Mr. Etubi, the Foundation sends its heartfelt condolences.  

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