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2023: DELTANS REJECTED EDEVBIE FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. .... Stop Campaign of Blackmail, Insults Against Oborevwori. By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq

Royal Blessings

"Edevbie as an individual is not a politician and have no human relations to rely on for political relevance." Oghenesivbe Esq 

 We know his past antecedents as a "bluff" and does not have respect for elders and constituted authorities. He's banking on the political structure of our amiable national leader and former governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori. 

In as much as we do not want to divulge some deep and frightening information about Olorogun David Edevbie at this time, his campaign organisation must be warned to desist from heaping unmerited insults and abuses on the King of all governorship aspirants, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, JP, the Honourable Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly.

The height of it came from the spokesperson of Edevbie Campaign Organisation, one dishonourable Prince Isire, who had the effrontery to describe the peoples' preferred governorship candidate, Rt Hon Oborevwori as an "Agbero Aspirant," in reaction to a newspaper interview granted by PDP Chieftain, Hon Michael Loyibo, wherein he corroborated the numerous testimonies of Deltans about the integrity and capacity of Oborevwori to emerge as governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa's successor in 2023.

Edevbie, it was who sometimes ago promised to avoid mudslinging, and in his usual unstable and unpredictable character of not keeping promises instructed his campaign spokesman, Dishonourable Prince Isire to let loosed like a dog without owner. This is grossly unacceptable and if Edevbie and his co-travellers does not stop their self pity mudslinging, we shall open cans of worms to render their sinking campaign a bitter and shameful end.

Edevbie as an individual is not a politician and have no human relations to rely on for political relevance. We know his past antecedents as a "bluff" and does not have respect for elders and constituted authorities. He's banking on the political structure of our amiable national leader and former governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori. His anger is premised on the fact that he has been rejected by party leaders and delegates including some key members of Ibori Political Family who have since drafted their foot soldiers into Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori campaign Team.

There is no amount of mudslinging that will help Edevbie in this matter. We hear that they are planning anti party activities as a revenge for his rejection by majority of PDP leaders and delegates. Good luck to him and those planning the anti party but we know for sure that our national leader, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, the Odidigborigbo of the political universe, who is a founding member of PDP will never be involved in any anti party arrangement. We are watching and following trends of events.

Let me educate Edevbie and his vexed and frustrated campaign team; Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori was born with a golden spoon. His late father was a successful businessman and Sheriff grew up as a comfortable young man but had his own dreams. He had no reason to be an Agbero and was never an Agbero. He started to provide leadership for his peers at a tender age,  and this made him very famous. He became a credible role model as a young man, full of positive energy.

I have know Oborevwori for 42 years at close range. He stands for truth, equity and justice, and could do anything and everything to ensure that the right things were done for the benefit of all. Oborevwori is highly allergic to any transaction or conduct that is repugnant to natural justice and good conscience.  

He is an individual with stable character, a socialite, a philanthropist, a friend of the physically challenged people. Oborevwori is predictable and sincere to a fault. That's the kind of progressive governor Deltans are yearning for to be Okowa's successor, not Edevbie who will always represent the economic and financial interests of Oligarchs to.the detriment of Deltans and the state treasury.

In 1996 when Rt Hon Oborevwori was a Councillor and Supervisory Councillor in Okpe LGA under the Zero Party system, David Edevbie was in Britain, not involved in governance and politics of Delta State. It is therefore ridiculous to describe a man who became a Councillor at a tender age as an Agbero. 

In fact, Edevbie and his promoters have been resisted by majority of Deltans and delegates. The best thing to do right now to save his face is to step down for Rt. Hon Sheriff Oborevwori.

We all know the super energy which Oborevwori possessed as a young man. It was God's spacial Grace, his positive energy and genuine service to humanity that accelerated his elevation to leadership positions. He is still very strong, energetic, healthy and sagacious in his day to day activities, for good and not for evil.

Olorogun David Edevbie and his scanty promoters must be told that acquiring all the degrees in this world and work experience spanning ten decades does not qualify you to be governor of a state, if it is obvious that your past antecedents and poor human relations will not bring about progress, peace and unity among the people. Character and integrity cannot be ignored or sacrificed on the altar of degrees and global work experience. 

Edevbie is not a man of the people, he is the man of the Oligarchs.

Deltans views Edevbie's modernization governance theory as a mere scam or 419 manifesto because of his negative past antecedents in governance, more particularly his roles in the financial affairs of Delta State between 1999 and 2007. It was negative, retrogressive, shameful and detrimental to the state and wellbeing of citizens. He lack moral and legal justification to vie for the office of governor in Delta State.

Edevbie is well acculturated by British culture and ways of doing things, and cared less about our African or Deltans ways of life. Good human relations, respect for people and elders, and giving helping hands to one another are very key in Africa and Delta. Edevbie lacked these essential leadership qualifies which cannot be replaced by his academic degrees and global work experience. In fact, he uses his experience and degrees to serve the interests of Oligarchs against the people.

Olorogun Edevbie could not utilise his professional expertise and global work experience for the good of Delta State when he had the opportunity to do. He failed woefully in the discharge of his assigned responsibilities, more particularly between 1999 and 2007. That dark period in the finances of the state cannot be forgotten in a hurry because the negative image it earned for the state and people is yet to be completely reversed. This is the gospel truth and he must not be given the second chance to bring another round of shame and disgrace to us as a people and state.

Finally, comparing Edevbie with Oborevwori is like comparing light with darkness. Edevbie represents and serves the economic and financial interests of Oligarchs while Oborevwori serves the interests of the people. Oborevwori is a founding member of PDP while Edevbie was invited from Britain to serve the interests of Oligarchs. Oborevwori is a philanthropist while Edevbie does not release his money to help the poor and the needy in our society. His wealth is periodically transferred to Britain, his second and preferred home country while Oborevwori's financial resources are invested in Delta State, providing jobs and creating wealth for.Deltans.

Oborevwori is a complete citizen of Nigeria, loyal to Nigeria and Delta State, while Edevbie holds dual citizenship of Nigeria and United Kingdom, partly loyal to Nigeria and Delta State and substantially loyal to his second home country of United Kingdom where his wealth are stored for his family.

Edevbie does not speak Urhobo Language to relate with his kinsmen while Oborevwori speaks Urhobo fluently because he is a complete local content leader with unsurpassed secret credibility; a role model and a man of the people.

I can go on and on. It is senseless and ridiculous to compare Edevbie with Oborevwori in this dispensation and as Deltans goes to the polls their choice is already known, Nah SHERIFF.

Edevbie is strongly advised to refrain from mudslinging or else we shall serve some tasteless meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oborevwori is the real DEAL.

Look no further, be SHERIFFIED.

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  1. For justice and equity it should be the turn of Okpe,Sapele and Uvwie Federal Constituency to govern Delta State which is part of Delta Central. Say NO to marginalization.


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