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2023 PRESIDENCY: Rivers Wealth At Stake, Cries Out Eze

"PDP Re-looting From Wike What He Has Looted From Rivers State." Eze.

.... Counsels Wike To Reflect On The Wise Advice Of Gov. Ganduje And Stop Wasting Rivers State Funds On A Fruitless Venture.

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), Chief Eze Chukwumeka Eze, has picked holes in the sheer characteristic thievery that has wittingly been domesticated into a norm and has progressively  permeated in the fold of the People’s Democratic Party since the days of its foundation.

Expressing concerns for the disturbing shape of the state coffers over the sudden conscription of Gov. Nyesom Wike, into the Presidential race by some gullible friends and associates, whose sole motive is the reformation of individual pockets, Chief Eze said billions of tax payers money have so far been plundered through the Governor’s aimless consultations with colleagues, stakeholders and leaders of the opposition party whose interests in granting audience to the garrulous mediocre is the quality offering he drops at the end of each visit.

In a statement made available to media houses in Abuja, Chief Eze accused leaders of the People’s Democratic Party of misleading Gov. Wike to join the contest for the party’s ticket just to help themselves to any and every available loot from the coffers of Rivers State, stressing that such dishonest ploy amounts to gross wickedness to the good people of the state whose wealth is freely looted and gifted to foreigners in the pursuit of a dead end ambition while Pensioners owed several years of unpaid pensions are dying in droves.

The APC chieftain said Wike has serially embarrassed himself with several untutored remarks made in the public glare in an attempt to advance a course with a very woeful predetermined end, thus subjecting himself to a contemptuous ridicule and public derision. 

Eze said in their closet, those whom the Governor confides and who talked him into the race for the party’s ticket  have severally jibed him with very taunting adjectives because his incompetence is a public knowledge and talking about presidential ticket seems embarrassing to the PDP; a political organization that ones prided itself as the biggest party in Africa. 

“You could see how the Governor of Rivers State embarrassed himself wherever he goes. Nigerians are embarrassed that such a brainless and garrulous mediocre will come out to talk about Presidency in the public place. 

“He was foisted on Rivers people as Governor and as unfortunate as that would be, he has killed virtually all sectors of the state economy. 

He has murdered education in Rivers State, killed every investment in agriculture, pauperized pensioners, frustrated the fortunes of young people, built a legacy of joblessness and collapsed the state economy. All of these he did at a time when poor states like  Cross Rivers, Borno and Ebonyi States are making remarkable impacts in critical areas of governance to the delight of their people.”

Chief Eze described those mockingly pushing Wike into the 2023 PDP ticket contest as political merchants who devised the avaricious scheme to con Wike out of billions of looted Rivers funds. 

His colleagues in the PDP Governors Forum, friends, political associates and even his confidants are very much avast with the fact that the man has nothing offer. 

“You hardly hear him talk about the plans he has for health, security, education, agriculture and the general economy and that is because all of these sound strange to him. Invite him to a public debate and he will run. It is only in Nigeria you see such clownish mediocre stalk about public office. It is indeed unfortunate.”

Chief Eze emphasized that he is very much concerned about the huge public funds that will be plundered in the course the fruit less venture. Those funds he said would go a long way to pay pensioners their long-held entitlements, rebuild dilapidated schools, rehabilitate ailing health facilities scattered across the state, revive moribund investments in agriculture, build industries and create jobs for the teeming unemployed youths in the state. 

“The only thing at stake here which gives me concern is the wealth of Rivers state which is the target of those PDP political merchants who woke up one morning and tipped the Governor to join the contest to enable them feed fat from the project which is predetermined to turn out a wasteful venture.”

Finally, Eze commends Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State for being man enough to speak the truth to Governor Wike during his recent Consultative visit to Kano State unlike others that look cowardly before him.

According to the brave man of Kano State politics, "So, you (WIKE) have come to see your brothers and sisters. Good. You are aspiring for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We see your efforts. And at the end of it, you’d lose, but you’ll be a good loser. I appreciate good losers, because they have courage. And since you are doing it peacefully, you’ll live long to fight again. I congratulate you, Mr ‘Wise’ Wike. Thank you and God bless.”

What other counsel that you need to know that you have been swindled and scammed into a fruitless venture and the earlier you back out the better not only for you but for Rivers State and her people, Eze counsels his good friend, Wike.


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