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2023: Delta State Belongs To All Deltans, Not Estate Of Any Individual. By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq


It appears some persons or group of individuals are directly or indirectly insinuating that Delta State belong to an individual. This is not a healthy development for peaceful coexistence. It is a selfish and illegal claim. 

Yes, their innuendos and body language suggests that a particular individual own the state, and that everybody therein are his subjects. And that for you to become somebody or aspire to certain positions of leadership in the state you must be approved by the owner of the state or you go nowhere.

This notion is gradually breeding a deep rooted political cold war. It questions the authority of God, for an individual to become the alpha and omega of Delta State. God rules and reigns in the affairs of men. This is sad, because it present the rest of us as inferior Deltans, people that cannot forge ahead in life without the express permission of an individual. 

In other words, our individual political and leadership attainments must be determined by him, not God. They tell you to your face that without him your political feature will be useless, no going forward, you will be caged or rusticated.  Jesus is the Lord, not mere mortals.

Therefore, for you to make it as a politician in Delta State, you must worship him and the Oligarchs. For me, my future is in God's hands, not in the hands of any mortal. And I have nothing against those whose future and destinies are in his hands, the hands of a mortal. It's their choice. 

Historical facts revealed that there can never be a permanent king maker in political leadership, who must forever preside over the political affairs and destinies of others, not in democratic politics. Not in America, not in Europe and not in Nigeria. It is a selfish ambition to want to own a state and be the sole kingmaker forever. 

It is morally defective and repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience for an individual to claim ownership of Delta State. It is offensive to the ears and must never be given credence for the sake of our collective unity and peaceful coexistence politically.

There comes a time political tyranny and despotic leadership will be challenged and/or resisted by the people, because nobody wants to be an inferior citizen or subservient forever to another and his immediate family. We were born free and equal in the sight of God. It is the duty of the oppressed to liberate themselves. We must do anything and everything to be free, NOW.

God shall continue to control our future and destinies, not man. God reigns in the affairs of men, not mere mortals. God's will shall always prevail. Those whose political future and destinies are in the hands of one man, I congratulate you specially, but my destiny and future is in God's hands.

Those whose life ambition is to rule Delta State forever should realise that the rest of us cannot be inferior second class citizens forever. After all, Delta State was created, but not given to any individual for an inheritance. Delta state is a legal geographical political entity, not a Kingdom, not a hereditary monarchy.

The state belong to all Deltans, and I stand to be corrected. Anybody claiming sole ownership of Delta State should kindly publish proof of ownership either by inheritance, outright procurement from Federal Government or by statutory allocation to that individual. We need the proof of ownership and in case there is none, then you must stop saying "I am the owner of Delta State."

The three senatorial districts; North, South and Central are equal, with equal opportunities and anybody can aspire to any position without being threatened by any self acclaimed owner of the state. Delta is not a kingdom or Sultanate. It is a state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, created for all Deltans. 

The State existed before politicians started playing politics, not the other way round. Nobody is the owner of Delta State, it belong to all Deltans.

For crying out loud, we are sick and tired of "I am the owner of Delta State." No mortal own any state in Nigeria. We are all equal stakeholders in Delta State,  but we have leaders and we must respect our leaders and partner with them. 

We must also serve our leaders so that we too can be leaders tomorrow, not followers forever. No leader should present himself as the sole owner of the state. It is an insult on all citizens of the state. The rest of us are not second class citizens.

No politician can make himself. If you claim to have made some people politically, don't ever forget that some people also joined hands together to make you what you are today politically. There is no self made man living on the surface of the earth. Only God is self made and I stand to be corrected.

Anybody claiming to be self made equates himself or herself with God. No man is God, and no man is equal to God. All men are mortal but God is immortal.

Political leadership is transient, never permanent anywhere in the world. Even the dreaded Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who claim to be the god of the Yoruba nation is already facing some complicated rejection and technical purging by some of his footsoldiers; because he cannot be a permanent kingmaker for life. There is a time to voluntarily step aside, particularly when the ovation is loudest. 

New generation of leaders must emerge, whether you like it or not. It is natural for new leaders to emerge while the old ones go on retirement. They become Elder Statesmen, to be consulted whenever the need arises. 

A leader who cannot produce a successor ceases to be a leader the day his or her tenure terminates. If you produced your successor, it is only fair for you to allow the incumbent leader to produce his successor. This is equity and good conscience.

You must stop saying "I am the owner of Delta State for life," please. It is an insult on all Deltans. Delta State belong to all Deltans, not an estate of any individual, living or dead. 

The state governor is the leader of the state and he should be able to produce his successor with the cooperation of leaders from the three senatorial districts. 

If you produced your successor, kindly allow the incumbent governor to produce his successor. It is called equity and good conscience. 

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Stronger Delta, Let's Build Together!

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