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FG WIELDS BIG STICK.... THREATEN CONTRACTOR WITH CONTRACT TERMINATION LETTER...... As Minister Commends President Tinubu For Funding Highway Rehabilitation, Construction Projects.

Engr. David Umahi
Minister of Works

"After 14 days, if they fail to do what we have asked them to do, then we will have to do the termination notice." David Umahi, Honourable Minister of Works.

Messrs China Civil Engineering  Construction CECC), the contracting firm handling the Abia Section of Enugu-Port Harcourt Highway that is currently undergoing rehabilitation, has been handed a 14 days termination notice for reason of non-performance.

The 14 days termination notice to the CCECC follows the directive by the Honourable Minister of Works, Ebgr David Umahi on Sunday when he inspected the progress of work at Ozuaku, after Imo bridge along Enugu- Port Harcourt expressway.

According to Sen. Umahi, "I have just directed that they should issue them 14 days termination notice using all due process on construction. After 14 days, if they fail to do what we have asked them to do, then we will have to do the termination notice."

He added that, "We will no longer tolerate the situation where contractors will put blank ranks on site. And they will be escalating construction costs by delaying the completion of project date.”

"We have reached an agreement in Ministry of Works that in the coming weeks, all non-performing contracts using due process will be terminated and re-awarded," he disclosed.

The Honourable Minister, in a statement issued and signed by Olusola Abiola, the Director Information Department of the ministry, while explaining the reason why contractors should demonstrate commitment said; "We will let them know the suffering of Nigerians. We  are here to help them and we will do everything to help them." He stressed.

Sen. Umahi then observed that; "the cost of non-completion of this project has a lot to do with contractors. Where contractors stay on projects over and over and be pretending, thereafter, they come to request for augmentation every year refusing to leave the site."

He however assured that “we will force them out of site either on the terms of completion or on the terms of termination. This is what we are going to do.”

Stressing the imperative for the Ministry to deliver quality and good highways to Nigerians, the Honourable Minister averred that, "it is very important to appreciate all the efforts of Mr. President who has been providing funds for our road infrastructure projects; which is very, very good.”

Sen. Umahi added that despite over 3,000 road projects inherited by this administration, President Tinubu must be commended for providing huge resources for our road network stating, "so it's kudos to Mr. President and it shows that Mr. President is very, very sensitive to our road infrastructure needs. And so we must do everything to support the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr. President, irrespective or notwithstanding any blackmail," he declared.

Meanwhile, the Honourable Minister has lauded Arab Contractors, the contractor carrying out the ongoing rehabilitation of work on the 56km Abia State section of the Enugu -Port Harcourt highway for quality of work done with words of encouragement.

He said: “the moment a contractor is performing very well, then you are a friend and that's the bottom line,” he submitted.

In the same vein, the Honourable Minister has described as excellent, the job performance of Messrs CGC Nig. Ltd handling Enugu State axis of the dual carriage after his inspection of the roads 

While commending the contractor, consultant and the Controller of Works for job quality, Sen. Umahi praised the contractor for the quality of work and equipment, while requesting that the ongoing work on one section of the highway must be completed by Middle of March as agreed.

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