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Interior Ministry Unveils Strategic Initiatives to Enhance Service Delivery ..... As Minister harps on result-driven approach

Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo
Minister of Interior Affairs

“We must run public administration with the same diligence as private business. This mindset is crucial for driving the excellence we aspire to achieve in our public offices.” Dr Tunji-Ojo.

A Three-day retreat for top management staff of the Federal Ministry of Interior and Agencies under its supervision has been concluded in the nation's capital, Abuja.

The retreat was held from 24th to 26th May, 2024 with Honourable for Interior Affairs, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo in attendence alongside the heads of the Para-Military agencies present.

The Interior Ministry, according to Ozoya Imohimi, Director Information and Public Relations Department in a statement issued, "aims to strengthen capabilities in crime prevention, border control, and emergency response." 

The retreat emphasised a result-driven approach to enhance efficiency, security, and innovation across all operations.

The Minister, while addressing the participants reiterated the Ministry’s commitment to the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Tinubu's administration and urged staff to adopt a business-minded approach to public administration.

“We must run public administration with the same diligence as private business. This mindset is crucial for driving the excellence we aspire to achieve in our public offices.” Dr Tunji-Ojo stated.

He outlined several key actions to be undertaken, stressing the critical role of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in protecting national assets and called for a specialised focus on preventing pipeline vandalism and securing educational institutions, among other critical infrastructure. 

He advocated for substantial policy reforms to transform correctional centres while also highlighting the need for policies that protect fundamental human rights and reduce the number of non-violent inmates awaiting trial. 

“We must ensure our correctional facilities are truly rehabilitative and aligned with the President's Renewed Hope Agenda,” he stated.  

He further articulated his vision for a holistic improvement across all agencies under the Ministry of Interior. “By the time I am done as Minister of Interior, I do not want to be remembered only as the Minister of the Nigeria Immigration Service; I want to be remembered as the Minister of Interior,” he said.

Dr. Tunji-Ojo noted the importance of performance metrics and accountability and urged the management to consistently evaluate their operations against the Ministry’s Scorecard and make necessary adjustments to meet and exceed targets.

In her remarks, the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Aishetu Gogo Ndayako, reinforced the Ministry’s dedication to these strategic initiatives. “Our mission is to translate the President’s vision for a safer Nigeria into actionable steps,” she said. 

Ndayako, in her speech, called for a collaborative approach and urged all the participants to engage fully, share insights, and commit to innovative solutions, stressing the importance of integrity and excellence in public service. 

“Our actions have a direct impact on the safety and well-being of our nation. We must lead by example and uphold the highest standards of integrity,” she said.

"Let us embrace diversity of thoughts, foster a culture of inclusivity and leverage our collective wisdom and experience of our diverse themes. Together, we have the opportunity to shape the future of our agencies, to strengthen our national security posture and uphold the values and principles that define us as defenders of nation's security." Ndayako stated.

The retreat ended with a strong resolve to implement the various strategies proposed and improve service delivery, to ensure a safer and more secure Nigeria for all citizens.

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